Sunday, October 20, 2013

Updates on Kim Hyun Joong's Premium Live Tonight Concert in Japan 10.20.13

There are tons of updates on his concert, but I decided to stick to 2 accounts in sharing the updates that took place in the said event. ^^ Japanese fans are sure is lucky because they see him doing the Jitjoong again. ^^ Waaaahhhh I'd like to see that one day live! Hopefully I can. ^^ 김현중 보고싶다!!

photo credits: MurdererQ

photo credits: MurdererQ

@lovingkhj (I wrote the time based on KST)
6:11 KST - Start
6:13 - Unbreakable
6:20 - Small video break after breakdown
6:21 - Hodgepodge of various your story please and other MVs
6:26 - Gentleman
6:40 - PLEASE in white coat and black tee, then TALK , followed by Your Story
6:47 - The Reason I Live - his birthday single.... Love love this song!
6:51 - Tonight!
6:56 - Bae yong Jun is here
6:58 - BYJ has uzoosin lightstick!
6:59 - HJ has his hyung's support in this concert.  Awesome!
7:00 - HJ dons his sunnies for Do You Like That.
7:03 - Lucky Guy
7:07 - Everyone is in high spirits! Video now of uzoosin being shown.
7:08 - Exercise video for audience !
7:09 - Fans are following exercises. :D
7:12 - Now singing U.  HJ is wearing white sleeveless shirt..has black wording on it and black cap.
7:13 - Kiss Kiss
7:23 - SMILE
7:27 - Does the butt shake at the end of Smile. :D it's been quite awhile since we saw his butt shake.
7:30 - I'm Yours - Korean Version
7:38 - I'm Your Man
7:44 - I'm Stupid from BOF
7:54 - Kimi Dake Wo Kasenakute.
8:01 - Like Before
8:04 - Hot dance!!  HJ and lady dancer touching each other. Lady dancer pulled up HJ's shirt revealing his abs.  Woo hoo!!
8:06 - If You're Like Me
8:11 - Let's Party
8:17 - Cappuccino
8:21 - HJ waved goodbye. Showing his practice video now.
8:23 - Fans chanting his name
8:27 - HEAT!
HJ in red leather gold studded jacket, black shirt, black stone-wash pants.
8:29 - Unbreakable!
8:30 - HJ took off jacket to reveal his arms.... I mean...black sleeveless shirt.
8:34 - HJ strips!!!! ... his shirt only! :D Hot body!
8:34 - Lucky Guy
8:36 - HJ pulled off shirt just as lucky guy started!
8:37 - Neatly buttoned up again
8:40 - Fans shouting for Gwiyomi! HJ said can't.... :D
8:41 - HJ said next song is really the last one.
8:43 - Japanese version of your story

HJ insisted that he saw 첫눈 first snow falling in the morning at 7:30 am.  He was shocked that nobody saw it.

When  he asked us which song you like the best I Tonight?  We shouted "Cappuccino!"  He said why not Tonight?

HJ said that he would not sing Capouccino today ..lol. Actually he wanted to sing as the last.

Tonight you shouting was the biggest when I (KHJ) throw away the jacket.  It's clear that you lost your pure mind..lol

I (KHJ) clearly said at Pusan FM that I would never do Kiyomi.. I will stick to what I declared.

I always perform on the stage as if it were the last stage.  Whenever, wherever you are, I won't let you go.

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