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[Eng Translation] SS501's Talk Time in Heo Young Saeng's '0513 My Story' Concert 10.26.13

I think most of you may have read this already, but I would still like to post it here on my blog for the benefit of those who haven't seen the translations yet. These boys really do know how to make us all happy. ^^ They are all natural, sweet, simple-minded guys whom we all adore and I am proud to be their fan. ^^ I hope one day, someday, I can see them in person together. ^^ 김현중 허영생 김규종 박정민 김형준 더블에스오공일 만세!!!

*Cheezeemelt501 was kind enough to re-write the translations for better view. ^^

credits: RaisondetreSS501@yt

credits: RaisondetreSS501@yt

JM: Let's greet everyone together
YS: Go ahead, Leader
HJL: Hello everyone
All: We are 'SS501'

JM: It's been a really long time. Let's take turn on introducing ourselves.
HJB: Let's start from your side (referring to JM's side)
JM: I've always accepted this type of arrangement.......... Hi everyone it's been really a long time since the five of us stand together on stage in front of all of you. I'm Sexy Charisma Park Jung Min.
KJ: Hi everyone! Long time no see. I'm the forever center of SS501, Kyu Jong. I'm really happy to see all of you.
YS: Uh... Hi I'm SS501's little prince, Heo Young Saeng.
HJB: Hello everyone, I'm SS501's maknae, Kim Hyung Jun. I'm really happy to see you.
HJL: Hello everyone, I'm SS501's leader, really happy to see you.
YS: Kyu Jong, can you sing? Is there still a lot of time left? (referring to his military service).
KJ: Uh, no need for a microphone. The fact is, I'd really wanted to stand together with all of you on stage, but because I'm still serving my military duties, I can't sing,... but not singing isn't good, after much thoughts I'd decided to come out and see everyone.
Fans: It's okay
YS: The members are busy but they came. Thank You.
So the time spent with the members has come to this point.
HJB: You worked hard to get all of us here and now you want to end it so easily? Geez..
JM: Putting it that way is a bit....... but I've prepared the stage for URMAN. But YS wanted us to come one at a time. he had planned this type of concept.... but ending it like this is a bit sad - why don't we do a little something?
YS: Like what?
JM: Ending this so abruptly is sad..isn't it?
HJL: Well, we definitely hadn't rehearse this.... didn't we sing 'In The Still Of The Night' before? Will be able to do an impromptu performance of this song? Can we?
HJB: I've found the key.
HJL: We have no choice,even if we can't.
JM: Can we? Can we? haha... hold on a second..
Fans: Oppa, what are you doing?
(while singing, someone realized the lead singer  had forgotten the words to the song)
After they finished singing.
HJB: Because he's too nervous (it's been too long since KJ sing)
KJ: It's really like this -- Can you feel my heartbeat...it really is... a long time has past..
HJB: sure.
YS: If it was just me singing... haha..
Fans: It's alright,,, it's alright.
KJ: You guys can understand, right? This song should be from 2005...
HJL: It was in the winter of 2004.
HJB: In the rehearsal room.
KJ: We were together in the rehearsal room, playing the piano, seriously preparing... time flies....can't believe we're already this age.... have to do our military duties.
HJL: Are you the one going? Why are you crying? Are you crying because you still have a lot of time left to serve? Shouldn't YS be the one crying? Why are you crying?
JM: I know YS isn't crying because he doesn't understand the situation. KJ is in the midst of of his enlistment, that's why he's crying hahahah ---- KJ will have to continue doing his military duties. Hope everyone will give him lots of support. I will also say something to YS. First o f all, your health is pretty good... a lot of things will happen in the military, it'd be good if you can take some things away from that experience and conjure it to society...
Fans: "Cut your hair!"
[JM acts as if he didn't know what the fans had said...]
HJV: (they) told you to cut your hair!!!!!
JM: During rehearsal, Hyung Jun told me I am 'Goo Jun Pyo"
HJB: Go to Taiwan
JM: I'm surprise. It's okay if I'm Goo Jun Pyo, Mal is okay.. we have dog (HJL), turtle (HJB)... all are here.
KJ: Other than saying SS501 mansae together, let's also say HYS mansae.
JM: It'd be regrettable if we don't say SS501, HYS mansae.
HJL: Today, we've come to this point.. this is..
All: SS501

NOTE:  (English translation is based on Chinese translation from ALLFORPJM... Translation is not verbatim)
CREDIT:  njn

credits: http://cheezeemelt.weebly.com/1/post/2013/10/501-talk-at-ys-concert.html

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