Monday, October 21, 2013

[English Translation] Heo Young Saeng at Fansign Event in Gwanghwamun 10.20.13

Seriously, my hands are shaking right now. Can't get to type the right words because of too much excitement!! He just confirmed that he's gonna sing SS501 songs on his concert this coming Saturaday namely 'Snow Prince', 'Love Ya', 'U R Man' and 'Find'!!! Can't get my thoughts right. I am so excited. Though I'm also saddened when he mentioned about shaving his head. And also that sneezing part of the fan was really funny!! watch this!! ^^ 허영생 고마워!!

Brief English Translation:
This is the longest I've signed out of all my solo album fansignings right?
I'm also human. Because I'm thinking about leaving, I also cherish this.
But another side of me wants to hurry up and finish it.
I was going back and forth (in my mind).
Today was really wonderful.
When is it? The concert is on Saturday night.
I want to make the concert splendid like SS501 concerts before, but it's different.
We made the concert the best we can realistically and hope everyone won't be disappointed.
Even now, the dancers and I are brainstorming for the concert.
Even though there weren't much time, we worked hard preparing for the concert.
I will make the performances really awesome.
(Fans: Please show Cutie song)
I don't want to.
Are there any song that I must sing at the concert?
(Confirmed Songs: 몸이 약한 아이 (Weak Child), 알아 다 (I know), Snow Prince, Love Ya, U R Man, Find)
사랑인거죠 (Is it Love), All My Love & 하루만 (Only One Day) are too high.
why I have to do all?
I'll take care of it.
I will not sign 겁쟁이 (Coward).
바라본다 (Looking Foward to it)...I can't remember the lyrics.
(Fan: 눈물을 지워가 (I Erase Tears))
I erased it in my head.
Let's meet on the 26th.
Everyone be careful of cold.
I already have the cold so I hope everyone else won't get it.
Don't laugh too much when you see Heo Young Saeng with shaved head.
I'm even more awkward.
I've never had shaved head since I was born.
(Fan: You'll be handsome) I don't think so.
See you at the concert. Thank you.

credits: shirbogurl5@yt

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