Thursday, October 31, 2013

Media Photos of Heo Young Saeng before enlisting 10.31.13

It's always hard to deliver a sad news. No matter how sugar-coating I put into the words, still it will end up as a sad news. Another member of SS501 was enlisted to today in the military service. It's none other that SS501's Prince Heo Young Saeng. The dreaded day for all Triple S and Y.E.S. fans. I was feeling depressed all day. Though I have known about this since the day they have announced it, but still I'm not prepared for it. I think I will never be when it comes to our boys. They have been my inspiration since 2009. So just imagine investing your emotions from that day on until now... what would you feel? I hope he's okay now. If you could see on the pictures he's a bit shy with his short hair cut. 괜찮아 허영생. 멋지다. 예쁘다.보고싶다. T_T

credits: naver.com

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