Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Steven Lee shares a picture of him with SS501's Kim Kyu Jong and Park Jung Min on Instagram

Mr. Steven Lee has always been there for our boys ever since he started composing for their song. He's been a good hyung to our boys and that's why I also like his support to SS501. ^^ Here's a picture he shared via Instagram. ^^ Kyu Jong looks very young here, as if he didn't aged. ^^ And Jung Min still has a flawless face. ^^ 고마워 Steven Lee. 김규종 박정민 멋있다!! ♥

*Update: Inserting one more picture I found on the web. ^^

Me with Jungmin (Romeo) and Kyujong :) Promoting YS new album! Go buy it!

credits: http://instagram.com/p/gC67K6tsRR/ + @happy_minlove + @Cheezeemelt501

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