Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Article about Kim Hyun Joong and his visit in Indonesia for shooting of 'Barefoot Friends'

I hope Kim Hyun Joong enjoyed his filming and stay in Indonesia. Though there are some incidents that are unfortunate, however most part of it I think he had a great time. ^^ By now, he's heading to Seoul. Rest well Hyun Joong-ah. 편히 쉬세요 김현중씨. ^^


【Kim Hyun Joong More Thankful After Been to Yogyakarta】

Liputan6.com, Yogyakarta: Kim Hyun Joong admitted more grateful for what he had after visiting to Indonesia and feeling the life in Yogyakarta. This was done for the sake of hallyu idol's shooting for variety show titled Barefoot Friends.

According to a source, on Tuesday (04/30/2013), after living like the locals, Kim Hyun Joong felt more grateful for what he has so far. Kim Hyun Joong was aware of many people who are far less fortunate than himself. (*I am sorry I wanna explain more here, what KHJ said at BF EP2, he reflected on himself for he had felt he was not happy, even though he had been doing what he wanted to do, not like he felt he's more fortunate than others.)

However, he also did not refuse and even quite overwhelmed when he played the role of ordinary citizens, not celebrities. If he usually lives with ease, in Barefoot Friends, Kim Hyun Joong had to try out a job as a laundress in the car wash.

Kim Hyun Joong also had time to enjoy street food, instead of the restaurant. He tried to eat at this famous meatballs. In fact, he had come crowding while shopping at Malioboro.

Kim Hyun Joong was diving alone into the lives in Yogyakarta. He along with the idol hallyu, including UEE 'After School', Kang Ho Dong and Yoon Shi Yoon stayed in Yogyakarta for five days and four nights being locals. (Des)

source: http://showbiz.liputan6.com/read/574051/kim-hyun-joong-lebih-bersyukur-setelah-berkunjung-ke-yogyakarta

credits: @howlovelylala (English Translation)

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