Thursday, April 25, 2013

Newly added SS501 Collection: Heo Young Saeng 3rd Mini Album 'LIFE'

After the long wait and anticipation for me to get my hands on his album, finally I was able to get it. Heo Young Saeng's 3rd Mini Album 'Life' where he showed his overloaded cuteness! I tell you, it was not easy for me to have it since we got some issues to deal with the government's customs here in our country. They held our album and said there were additional taxes needed to pay before they release it. Gosh! Only in the Philippines! It took me almost the whole day before me and my friend was able to have it.  I was absent from work just to resolve the issue with ems. Despite that, I was so happy to have it! Proud to be able to help Young Saeng increase the number of sales in his album. 허영생 세 번째 미니 앨범 축하드립니다!

By the way, my friend still has 3 albums left. So for those interested in getting his album, you can contact me here by leaving a meesage or comment. The only thing is, we can only send it here in the Phils. ^^ 


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