Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Official Photos of Kim Hyun Joong from Barefoot Friends

Are you all excited this coming Saturday? I am! ^^ And I have wonderful news for everyone. Daebaksubs volunteered to pout an English Sub to this show. ^^ So we should all be grateful and comply with their request of no embedding, no re-uploading. If you really want to watch this show with English subs, make sure you follow certain rules. You can click here so you will be directed on their page.

credits: http://spv.sbs.co.kr/nbbs/view.jsp?uniq_no=10000295308&code=10000017616&top_index=&field=&keyword=&page_no=1 + http://spv.sbs.co.kr/nbbs/view.jsp?uniq_no=10000295306&code=10000017616&top_index=null&field=&keyword=&page_no=1

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