Thursday, April 18, 2013

[Eng Translation] Heo Young Saeng's Arabic Interview in KBS World

Wow! That was fast! Translations are already up! And on top of that, pictures are also added. You could see the inside of the drawings they sent to Young Saeng. ^^ 허영생 너 행복해? ^^ I think that part in Q10 should be Mal. ^^ Thanks to RiCeLyN and muggleprincess. ^^


[Trans To English] The Arabic Interview with Heo Young Saeng :

Q1: what do you feel about meeting Arab fans for the 3rd time ?
YS: I feel sorry about them Because I meet them 1 time in a year and I want to meet them 2~3 times in a year but I feel happy when meeting renewed.

Q2: How does Heo Young Saeng feel about Arab ?
YS: "Usually my thoughts turn to Europe when I want to travel to work and also Southeast Asia but when Arab fans started shows their interest on me I started reading about what Arabic country I can visit"

Q3: How many hours do you sleep in a day ?
YS: when I don't have anything I usually sleep 9~10 hours

Q4: How many hours you will be busy ?
YS: 3~4 hours
YS also say : he didn't sleep for 29 hours when he was makings "The Art Of Seduction"

Q5: Do you still feel shy in front of women, is that right ?
YS: yes, that's right

Q6: why Heo Young saeng usually date noonas ?
YS: "What !!!! I like noonas ???! I didn't say that before .. I prefer noonas on girls who are my age but I prefer the younger girls on them"

Q7: Who is your favorite singer ?
YS: there is a lot but if you mean who I respect ? I respect SS501

Q8: What is your favorite song on this album "Life" ?
YS: That's Me

Q9: why they called you marshmallow ?
YS: "me ???! maybe it's not marshmallow it is otter and Jung min has made this and he called all SS501 members with a specific type of animal in our debut"

Q10: So what you all call Jung Min ?
YS: hours, because it looks like him

Heo Young Saeng has received many gifts from his Arab Triple S and this is the link for the project : http://wp.me/p2ZNJD-86

 credits: @KyuSaeng_Arab + http://crazy501tsarab.wordpress.com/

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  1. awww :) i love that he mentioned SS501 ^^ I like that he is still shy too :)so cute


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