Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Official Photo of Heo Young Saeng with DJ SeeAn of Arirang's SoundK 04.23.13

I was listening to the radio guesting of him earlier that's why it was only now I'll be able to update my blog. The interview was very interesting especially on the part where he mentioned about when he will be getting married, what are his future plans, and about SS501. Just to give you an idea of what he said, he mentioned that he misses SS501 especially now they are doing their solo activities. He also mentioned the fact that SS501 is not broken up yet. He said there were so many rumors of them breaking up that's why all 5 gathered together and talked about making an album. However, since Kyu Jong entered the military it's difficult for them to make one because of their schedule. See gals? Our Young Saeng is here to clarify to everyone that SS501 IS NOT DISBANDED! 허영생 최고의!! Thank you for saying this again to remind those critics that SS501 is still together.  KEEP THE FAITH TRIPLE S!

credits: http://www.arirang.co.kr/Radio/RADIO_PHOTO_Gallery.asp?code=Be6&PROG_CODE=RADR0147&MENU_CODE=101564&KEY_ID=4399&page=1

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