Sunday, April 21, 2013

[Full Video] 'Barefoot Friends' First Episode 04.21.13 (Updated)

I was watching earlier via streaming and seriously I was laughing at Kang Ho Dong's team where Hyun Joong is part of. ^^ He was slipping through the sand alone, wearing that pink eye mask, and getting comfy at someone's house. That moment with the flying cam was totally hilarious. ^^ It was fun watching the show, just a bit sad that Kang Ho Dong's team has few airtime compaired to the other team. Well I guess theirs will be shown by next week. ^^ So excited! No subs yet but it's entertaining to watch the show. ^^ Watch it before it gets blocked by the network. ^^ Enjoy! ‘맨발의 친구들’ 김현중 화이팅!!!

REPLACING THE LINK! Thanks to ollee for leaving a comment and providing a working link. ^^

*I'm gonna insert some few translations/explanations during the show. Thanks to @howlovelylala and @5StarsAs1 for sharing them. ^^ 
**I added some translations done for Part 3. 김현중 진짜 완전 웃겨!!!!! ^^

- HJ was No1 at the popularity vote among the members! yay!!

- KHJ "to live like the locals sounds interesting to me"

-with blindfolded, KHJ joked "are you gonna sell us away?"

- KHJ team only slept for 2hrs and realized they're in the middle of the desert. "WTH where we are?"

- KHJ joked at the local house "Bed of science" (it was a famous commercial line in KR)

- KHJ joked at the local house "Bed of science" (it was a famous commercial line in KR)

- KHD misspoke hammok to sea-horse(sounds similar in KR) and HJ "So do I"

- They decided to get VN noodle soup with the money. GOOD LUCK!

**Added more translations for Part 3


- 2:02 "woke us up,put us to sleep,woke us up,put us to sleep"

- 2:23 We learned 'cheap,expensive' in Vietnamese yesterday. Are they selling us away?" "(We are)'cheap','expensive' 'came from KR'"

- 3:54 KHJ complained"Look! they (the crew) didn't let us know! (that we are going downhill) LOL
http://youtu.be/ZMWBFq15vKg clip by sophielfchan (EunHyuk fan)

- 4:02 "then we can sit on here for a while?" (the crew answered "NO")

- 04:10 "Something's very going wrong here!" LOL
http://youtu.be/ZMWBFq15vKg  clip by sophielfchan

- 07:20 "This is the first time I've been in desert" "However, the sand color is very red than I expected"

- 08:58 "How about sleeping?Finding a place to sleep is also up to us?"

- 10:03 KHJ "wow that's big" (the flying cam flying toward the members)
10:07 KHJ "oh, (HoDong)Hyung, you'd better sit down" (members got annoyed sand blown by the wind by the flying cam)
http://youtu.be/ZMWBFq15vKg clip by sophielfchan

- 11:20 KHD "Can we really live like VN locals for 24hrs?"
11:22 KHJ "I kinda like that" "To live like the locals here in VN, that will be an unforgettable memory in my life"
http://youtu.be/ZMWBFq15vKg clip by sophielfchan

- Awkward with Kang Ho Dong? LOL!! Kang Hodong asked whether if he went 'mountain hiking' since he wore as if he did ㅋㅋㅋ

- In that big backpack that KHJ brought was stuffed with 'survival kit' as he said & didn't even know what was the programme about at first 



  1. Youtube videos got blocked. I found this link you can watch Barefoot Friends.


    1. Thank you so much! ^^ Replacing the link now ^^


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