Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Photos of Heo Young Saeng during his relaxation day in Japan

Here are additional photos that my friends Dhes, muggleprincess and RiCeLyN has provided the links. ^^ I guess he's having his own time there while he has no schedule for 'Summer Snow'. The first three pictures shows he's on a restaurant while the last one shows he's buying something from a convenience store. ^^ 허영생 What are you buying? o.O 뭔데요? If ever someday I would bumped with any of the members of SS501 in a convenience store or while walking on the street or even dining in a restaurant, I'd probably get starstrucked and would just look at them from afar. I don't want to disturb their private time. I miss them....

*Update: adding one more

Additional photo

credits: Hwaeun Koh@fb + @stonkong

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