Sunday, April 28, 2013

[Fancam] Kim Hyun Joong filming in Indonesia 04.26.13

Okay, let me say this first before you watch the fancam. I honestly think that these fans are really beyond their limitations.  I have doubts in posting this here on my blog since I don't want to create issues, but I wanted to spread an awareness on what a fan can do to a Hallyu Star if they try to touch him. Look how scared Hyun Joong at the beginning of the fancam.  Why in the wold would you try to grab him when he's already in front of you? It will only scare him. Hyun Joong is a very professional and patient guy, but please don't overdo it. Don't go beyond the limitations as a fan. Yes, we all adore him. We all wanted to see him in person and we all wanted to experience that moment with him. Still, remember there is a right place and the right time to do that. If he happens to pass by in front of you, just be thankful, not all girls have seen him in person. Sorry for my ranting. I just feel sorry for Hyun Joong when I saw this fancam. He doesn't deserve to be treated that way. I was just suddenly reminded by his message last April 25, 2013 where he said and to quote: 
"To have a tough time for the variety show.... It was really tough but people around me are happy with that ㅋㅋㅋ
Seems my suffering equals others happiness~~"

Remember gals, we are here to protect Hyun Joong, and not be the one to cause harm on him. 김현중 우리는 당신을 보호하기 위해 여기에 있습니다.

credits: hennyermawati@yt


  1. omg ....... oh my gosh .. that was so scary .. i would be scared too... omg i can't believe my eye ... omg i was about cry ..... feel so bad for him ... the only word thats still in my mind and out my mouth is omg omg ... i totally agree what you said....
    ( sry lol i kinda type like hyun joong oppa ....... lol i love that dots at the end lol....i bet its annoying ........)

  2. OMG I knw it's bad there but this is horrible. It seem so different from when he was in Vietnam. I feel like crying to. I wish I could go there to just shout on all this people. I am surprised that he still was filming after that.... SS501 always felt w are protecting them... and now... WTH!!!!!! Calm people down, he is only a human too!

  3. OMG, my heart skip a beat. Poor leader!


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