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SS501's Maknae Kim Hyung Jun plans to enlist in 2014

Yes, you read it right. Unfortunately, one of the SS501 members plans to enlist by next year. On Triple S special day, May 1, it was revealed in one article mentioned by his agency. Though there are no confirmation yet from Hyung Jun himself, I guess as early as now, we better prepare ourselves for this moment. I know it can't be helped since military service is mandatory in Korea, but still when I saw this I felt sad. When everyone was waiting for Kyu Jong's coming back, Hyung Jun is also getting ready to enlist. T_T 어떻게하지? 김형준씨 괜찮치?


Kim Hyung Jun planning to enlist in 2014

It’s been revealed that SS501‘s Kim Hyung Jun is planning on enlisting next year in 2014.

He was recently cast in the upcoming MBC drama ‘Gold, Appear!‘ (‘I Summon You, Gold!‘), and he revealed that he wanted to secure the image of himself as both an actor and a singer before he enlists.

For ‘Gold, Appear!’, he’s so passionate that his sunbae actors are coming earlier than they’re scheduled to go over their lines with him and monitor his acting. Not just that, he’s also been cast in ‘An Actor is an Actor‘, where he plans to further hone his acting skills.

As for being a singer, he’ll be heading to Japan for his live tour ‘Who Am I‘ in June and sing 23 songs live. His label said, “Since he’s planning on enlisting next year, he’s trying to secure his image as an actor and a singer. He’s working hard to make sure he doesn’t lose his image.”

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  1. It sad but hope after kyu jong finish his military n they doing album...now I hope all of them go to military n comeback handsomely n make a great music together again


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