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[Eng Translation] Kim Hyung Jun DATV Special Interview

Huge thanks to the translator of this article. ^^ An old interview but still I'm gonna share it here. ^^ Basically, Jjunie talked about his first drama 'Sunshine Girl'. ^^ I love that drama. I've watched that from start to finish. ^^ The arrogant Kang Min. lols ㅋㅋㅋ These pictures in these interview of Hyung Jun really looks good. He looks so handsome! Something worth saving. ^^  핸섬 가이 김형준! ♥


[ENG] 0727 Kim Hyung Jun DATV Special Interview

Kim Hyung Jun Special Interview! The first drama "Sunshine Girl" be broadcasted on DATV!



"Sunshine Girl" (first starring drama of Kim Hyung Jun who is youngest member of popular group SS501) will be broadcast on DATV from August 21. It is a drama that we could know new charm of Kim Hyung Jun. He did 8kg weight loss for this drama, "egocentric character" has become a hot topic. Before the start of broadcasting in DATV, the special interview, "magnae" Kim Hyung Jun! I had talked about this drama!!

This is your first starring drama. How was this?

KHJ: It was my debut, also the first starring drama to me. I wondered. Also I felt good. I have wanted acting since before. I wished acting in parallel to singer activity from before singer debut. So it was my "dream". But when I actually carried out, my avarice became more. I would like to become more well.

Kang Min is a character who is very individualistic and selfish idol. Actually is there similar point with Mr. Hyung Jun? Also different point all?

KHJ: I think it is not similar that Kan Min is arrogant... My character is not cheeky. (laugh) If it says in similar points, the portion that I have a strong preference for work etc? I don’t say “. I do not want to do only this!” But I am a type that I cannot give up about something I want to complete, I want, I must do. These are similar points with Kan Min. Also it is the point that I do straight without being shy to a favorite girl?

What is having tried hard in order to play Kang Min completely?

KHJ: I was careful about wording. Also I referred to that similar character that other actors performed. "The Greatest Love" Mr. Cha Seung-Won, the old movie "Our Sunny Days" Mr. Cha Seung-Won and Mr. Lee Jeong-jae starred. I referred to these.

Please tell me about the most favorite scene and words.

KHJ: "I am a superstar Kang Min" These words remained in my memory truly! It is interesting. And a kiss scene with this heroine Ji Hyun. It was filmed in the town in Cheongdam-dong. Also near a famous entertainments office. So close! We were going to kiss with shifting lips at first. But Miss So Yi Hyun (the role Ji Hyun)taught me, "We will do perfectly! Kiss is such" (laugh) The scene fighting on the roof and the scene competing with Yong Woo in a parking are impressive. Somehow, the scene which quarrels remains in my memory.

The heroine Ji Hyun resigns from a company and becomes the broadcast writer who was a dream. Mr. Hyung Jun. Is there the work that you want to do with except for an entertainer? And what was your dream when you were child?

KHJ: President! My blood type is Type O. I heard Type O has leadership. I feel myself becoming such stronger and stronger in the middle of 20 age generation. After this drama,I feel myself became further so. It is often said. "affected by the role of a drama." I had not believed but.

Therefore, I would like to do work which leads and takes other people.

Although the President may be exaggerated, I would like to become a social leader.

I'm the head of a soccer team now. I made. As for me, moving under someone's like Chess pieces is disagreeable. If it is so, I thought that it is better receiving myself to a leader. I had changed to such before I knew it. When I was a child, I was completely different. The elder sister and the maternal grandma often took care of me. I was a child who likes taking it easy peacefully. So I might have changed possibly by actor debut.

Ji Hyun who is a stylish career woman, Kkot Nim who is feminine and lovely appear in this drama. Which is your type?

KHJ: I like Ji Hyun type. She is cheerful, active, does the best for her work, and says something to want to say. I like such points. A talkative woman is not my type. So I think it is good not talkative little like Kkot Nim. But those who hide real intention in a breast are disagreeable. Those who can say something to want to say. Those who can say what have to say. Such woman is good.

Do you think what kind of woman is "Sunshine Girl" for Mr. Hyung Jun?

KHJ: Although a concrete person does not come to mind... Those who wear bright dress first of all? I may have not thought until now. I wish I had such woman who comes to mind!

Kang Min and Young Woo are a rival. Mr. Hyung Jun. Do you blaze more when there is the rival in work or love?

KHJ: In love, a rival is unnecessary. First, a woman who comes and goes between two or more men, is disagreeable! I don’t want to also carry out such love. However, I can do my best when I have a rival in work or sport. I can think I must do my best more.

Please tell me the role or genre you want to play in the future.

KHJ: After returns from an army some day, when age is piled up, I want to play a love drama which is not a love comedy. If it is my age now, I think that a love comedy is good. However, I have already experienced. It faces each other earnestly, fights and sheds tears... I want to play the tale of full-scale love. And I want to play in a movie. It is a target to buy a ticket in a movie theater and to go to see myself. Also I want to play an action drama like "IRIS". Directors say, "such a tale suits you". (romantic comedy etc) Whenever they say so, my unyielding character appears. So I think I want to challenge action etc. I want to play a role that my surrounding person says "It does not suit you", than it always appears in the work of the same genre.

If you come to Japan, are there certainly doing, a thing to eat, a place which goes etc?

KHJ: I eat ramen noodles. Arrives in Japan, I eat immediately after performing formalities for entry. Ramen! The first meal certainly. And Roppongi. There are many people and it is interesting. I think that it is like Itaewon of Korea. It is pleasant to carry out people-watching.

Please give a message to the televiewer of DATV.

KHJ: I think that it is a good opportunity to be able to see this work in Japan again. I am glad if you will see the first step as my actor, and my new start. I am glad if I can see you with various works in the future. I do my best in actor activity and singer activity. So please support me.

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