Thursday, October 3, 2013

Media Photos of Kim Hyun Joong during 2013 Asia Football Festival 10.03.13

Yeah, yeah I know... I'm late in posting again. T_T I just got home from work annd so many updates was in the internet today. To start off, here's our Leader Kim Hyun Joong playing soccer on the said event. ^^ He looks so handsome with those jersey on. ^^ I wonder what happened to his old customized black and gold soccer shoes? o.O Maybe he needs a new one, right? ^^ And I see him doing his best to win. Unfortunately, FC Men lost the game with the score 1:2 (thanks to Cheezeemelt for the info). But that's okay. At least we get to see them play. ^^ 잘한다 김현중!! ^^

credits: naver

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  1. so ji suk also FC MEN..he also FC ONE player...he must great soccer player


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