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Additional info plus spoiler of the drama from Kim Hyun Joong's 'City Conquest' Promo Event in Budokan, Japan 10.04.12

 Can I just be honest here? Well, while I was reading through the somehow fan account, my heart seems to be in a "roller coaster ride". Why? It's because at the first few parts of the script, I was smiling to the point of even laughing in front of my pc since he once again gave statements that would make me laugh. ^^  But as I have reached the lower part especially the spoiler alert, my heart starts to race and heart beat seems to be a bit faster than usual. Wanna know the reason? Read the entire part and see for yourself. Huge thanks to TheAlienPrince for allowing me to post this.


More tweets from princess bb (@baebb)
( source: neko@weibo )

- during the last segment of Lucky Guy encore, it's different from the past. it's really fantastic and everyone enjoyed it to the max.
at the part "every body, every every body, move your body, move move your body...', HJ must have sung it to us at least 20-over times.
he even made the gesture of 'shhhhh....' to quiet everyone. he then lowered his voice and sang in a very soft voice, 'every...move...' and got everyone to sing in a similar manner. there's alot of fan interaction!

- what...?!!!!! the english song he sang tonite was Creep?! ttz 1 of my all-time faves, itz been such a loooong time since he sang this!

- on bed scene....
Jung Yumi: Is everyone upset?
HJ: It's alright, it's just acting, acting.... never mind.

- this time, he didnt dance when singing Please. he was just swaying about here and there. but he sang with much heart and effort, so it's a different kind of nice ^^

- seems like he said he will be releasing a compilation album in japan in december. sounds like it might be a mixture of old and new songs~

- Jung Yumi also said quite abit towards the end. basically she had said tonight was fantastic, and she also felt sensed a strong realization that HJ is a singer (as well as an actor).
earlier HJ had disappeared from the stage, so she asked, 'where did you go?'
HJ: practise with the band.
Yumi: what about later? where to next?
HJ: practise with the band #^.^#

- after a certain song, HJ asked, 'what time is it now? 9pm? The agreement with Budokan is till 9pm. gotta close at 9pm.'
someone in the audience said, 'no such thing!'
he gave a very hearty laugh and said, 'no such thing?' and went on to sing the next song....
oh alright, go ahead and prank on us... ^o^

- they also played a making clip, which included BTS.
they had shown how the actual filming was done for the action scene which was shown to us earlier. the combat scene and all were all real.
there were also snippets of the cast talking. HJ had said that those seemingly dangerous actions and scenes ain't really so dangerous.

i (neko) feel he's comforting us and trying to assure us so that we dont worry. there was a scene where he was held up by ropes at the top of a building, it looked scary.

the clip ended with a kiss. and there was also a quick flash of a bed scene. shot from the outside through white see-through curtains. only captured from the neck up. he was on top of her and they were really close to each other. cant be sure if they're about to kiss or just looking into each other's eyes. it was really a flash of a scene and raced past very quickly.

had they deliberately ended both clips like this to bring everyone's emotions to a high?


(honeymoon bed scene on the boat...?) the couple was kinda shy initially and snuck looks at each other and their eyes met a few
times... shyly...
then HJ suddenly leaned over to kiss JYM, and they separated... looked into each other's eyes and started kissing really passionately.

hee, read that HJ did well in this scene. well, what did i tell you? this chap specializes in (actual) sleeping scenes and kissing scenes, lol!
did you know some chinese fans nicknamed him 'vacuum cleaner kim'...? obvious why so, ya? (he sucks like one when he kisses... niiiiiiice!)

Tweets from OnlyKHJtimes
- during the CC event, hyun joong tried to speak in jp as much as he could, and he did.
Acc to yumi ssi talking, hyun joong prepared a lot for tonight's event like every time she asked him where was at before the shooting n to go after the shooting, he answered “the practice wz band for CC event.“

credits: TheAlienPrince@lkhj.com

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