Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Article about Park Jung Min working with Viva Soul’s Kim Zuwan

Looks like Jung Min has lost weight again. He looks slim in this picture, doesn't he? o_O But still, he looks good for me. ^^


SS501′s Park Jung Min works with Viva Soul’s Kim Zuwan

SS501′s Park Jung Min will soon release a new song.

On October 9, Viva Soul’s Kim Zuwan mentioned about the acoustic song he’s currently working on in collaboration with Park.

Kim uploaded a few pictures of himself with Park in a recording studio on his Twitter account with the comment, “Park Jung Min with Zuwan. I’m working on an acoustic song in collaboration with Park Jung Min! Please look forward to Park Jung Min’s new song that I participated in!”

Because Park has focused on a dance genre, releasing such songs as “Not Alone,” music fans are excited about his new song created in collaboration with Kim, the leader of Viva Soul, a romantic hip-hop group that has done several genres of music, including hip-hop, bossa nova, and electronic rock.

Park also uploaded some pictures of himself with Kim on his Twitter account and Facebook page.

Park has been active in Japan as Romeo since September and is currently working on his new album.

Source: TV Report

credits: en.korea.com

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