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Article about Kim Hyun Joong attending the City Conquest Promo Event in Budokan, Japan

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Kim Hyun Joong holds a Japanese event with over 10,000 fans

Kim Hyun Joong recently held an event to celebrate the first anniversary of his Japanese official fan club.

On October 4, Kim met over 10,000 fans at Budokan in Japan to celebrate the first anniversary of the fan club Henecia Japan.

At the event, Kim also introduced his TV series City Conquest, which he is currently working on.

Director Yang Yoon Ho and actress Jung Yoo Mi of the series attended the event as special guests to talk about the series.

They also had some time to talk to those in attendance about the series and Kim.

The digest version of the series and the making film were released for the first time at the event and received considerable attention.

The highlight of the event was Kim’s special performance. Kim rearranged his hit songs with a band and impressed the audience with the high quality sound and fantastic performances.

He made the audience wild with excitement by performing songs, including, “Do You Like That,” “Lucky Guy,” and “Heat.” His sweet ballads, including, “Marry Me” and “I’m Your Man” also captured the audience.

Kim made people laugh by saying, “I want to thank Henecia Japan members for always supporting me. I want to celebrate the fifth, tenth, and the hundredth anniversary with you. In order to do that, I will perform good songs and act well, and you stay healthy with good food and medicines.”

The series, which is starring Kim, will air on KBS in the first half of 2013.

Source: TV Report

credits: en.korea.com


Kim Hyun Joong Holds Successful Fan Club Anniversary Event and Concert for ‘City Conquest’ at the Budokan
CJ E&M enewsWorld Stewart Ho

Kim Hyun Joong recently commemorated the recent one year anniversary of his Japanese fan club, Henecia Japan, in a very big way.

On October 4 at the Budokan, Kim Hyun Joong held a special memorial event for his City Conquest drama for his Henecia Japan fan members

Appearing on stage before thousands, Kim Hyun Joong expressed his gratitude saying, “I’m happy I’m able to stand on the Budokan, which all artists aspire to stand on. It’s not just the 1 year anniversary [of the fan club] but the 100 year anniversary I want to congratulate too.”

He added, “To achieve that, we must think of each other and I will continue to make good music and acting while everyone should eat good food and medicine to be healthy.”

Kim Hyun Joong was later joined on stage by City Conquest co-star, Jung Yu Mi and director Yang Yoon Ho who introduced the drama, shared stories from behind the scenes and showed an introductory video.

Regarding working with the singer and actor, director Yang Yoon Ho shared, “I thought he was a handsome actor but after meeting him, I was surprised by his masculinity and toughness. But when we drink together he is humorous and has a cute aspect of him which made me even more surprised.”

“The lead character, Mir, takes care of societal issues in an independent manner but comes to find love during the same process, which has been the main focus of my shooting,” the director added.

When asked if Kim Hyun Joong felt any similarities in real life with his Baek Miru character, the actor responded, “I don’t know if you all will believe me or not but [I too] also put my life on the line when it comes to the person I love.” 

In addition to devoting time to his upcoming drama, Kim Hyun Joong took the stage to perform a total of nine tracks over the course of an hour or so including his past hits such as Do You Like That and Lucky Guy and more.

After performing, Kim Hyun Joong shared, “It was extremely difficult preparing for the stage during my drama shooting but I think there has been a return in my acting and singing. One cannot fool effort. I hope that effort will go on to my acting in City Conquest.

Jung Yu Mi expressed her admiration after seeing Kim Hyun Joong up close as an artist for the first time saying, “The atmosphere has really become the best and I thought for the first time, ‘Oh, he really is a singer’. During filming, I saw [Kim Hyun Joong] practicing hard with a band but being able to see the performance here today makes my heart full.”

The singer also made a surprise revelation that he would be releasing his first full-length Japanese album in December, near Christmas, much to the delight of his fans.

City Conquest is expected to premiere on KBS sometime towards the end of this year while premiering in Japan in March of next year on the satellite channel, DATV.

credits: http://m.enewsworld.mnet.com/news/news_view.asp?nsID=16673 + nanet@lkhj.com

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