Saturday, October 6, 2012

Kim Hyun Joong's drama 'City Conquest' is confirmed to be aired in KBS2

*Clap clap clap* Why do I feel so happy? Because there's a possibility that it would be aired in our cable channel. Just a possibility though, not an assurance it will be. But I hope they would consider it so I can watch the drama at the comfort of my home with subs! ^^


121005 Broadcasting channel for City Conquest Confirmed!
Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20121005n16373
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The upcoming drama 'City Conquest' broadcasting channel have been confirmed to be KBS2TV.

On October 5th, the drama City Conquest directed by Director Yang Yun-ho & written by Hwang Ju-ha, BnT News have contacted with the production company Media100, confirming the drama will be broadcasted in KBS2TV. 'City Conquest' is originally a comic series written by Shin Hyungbin turned into a drama, with the original comic series copies sold over more than 1,000 million and the popularity is still on the rise.

City Conquest which is expected to air on early 2013 in KBS2 depicts a story of battle in an illegal & dark society with the lead casts Baek Mir together with his beloved woman Danbi since young, the woman Tae Su-min who develops a loveline (with Baek Mir), and the man Cha Ji-ryong who only cares for only one woman (Danbi) , a melodramatic and action storyline revolving around the 4 characters that captures the eyes of the world.

The lead character in City Conquest, Baek Mir who have been casted by Kim HyunJoong from the very start, have also garnered many attentions from the overseas buyers, with the copyright sold approximately for 11.8billionKRW.

[one part omitted regarding the introduction for the director & scripwriters' production]

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