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Updates on Kim Hyun Joong's Lotte Fanmeet Event in Seoul 10.13.12

Huge thanks to nanet@lkhj for compiling these set of tweets so we are updated what's currently happening in the event. I was so happy seeing the tweet that he sang 'Let Me Be The One'. If I was in that fanmeet, I'd probably be crying too because I miss SS501 so much. T_T And did you notice, Hyun Joong is eager to see you having a boyfriend this winter? He even said he will also get a girlfriend. A lot of 4dness I have read from him on this event, I was smiling while reading them. I'll update this post once there are other info. ^^ I'll include some picture shared by MurdererQ but please please do not re-edit the photos. We should respect the request of the owner of the photos. Thanks!

2012.10.04 City Conquest HCJ Event - TYO
※재업로드,2차 변형 금지!!!

Tweets from

- he sang Let Me be the One
- Marry Me just done.
- Creep was fantastic today!
- Heat
- Ended with lucky guy and introductions of the band members during the shake it and move it chorus
- He looks so much more comfortable performing without the dancing compared to before, less awkward
- Really good performance today :)
*nanet: looks like he also sang Do You Like That, Lucky Guy, and Please.

- hyun joong sang “let me be the one“, 30 sec ver wz the band at his LDF FM today, n he said he's gonna practice songs fm SS501 n sing them in the future so pls tell him which song you want him to sing.

- he felt his feeling was the same as all when he watched some fans crying while he sang the song, n he was encouraged to sing previous songs.

- hyun joong said after he sang “let me be the one“, “you've been thinking that it's just memory n won't be able to listen to, right? i felt the same. i couldn't sing because of some pressure n conflict, n i didn't have confidence to do that. but i wanna keep singing nice songs, songs which i like as a singer, KHJ wz my confidence. i could feel it's o.k to sing (these) without any hesitation because of you, so pls let me know songs you want me to sing without reserve.“

@startomo (translated by lafone0606)
- After singing " Let Me Be The One", Hyun Joong said " I understand that you have been having the same feeling as mine. I sang this, hoping that it will be a song to remember for you. Good songs will stay in everyone's heart. Though I did not have courage to sing this (or SS501 numbers?), I feel encouraged by your cheers. So I will be able to sing more in future. Please tell me which number (SS501 ) you want me to sing.
* Some fans were crying while listening to "Let Me Be The One "
*nanet: decided to repost different versions of same tweet to better understand what HJ was trying to say.

- HJ said " Autum has come, now winter is around the corner.... if you don't have a boyfriend, please make it sure to find one. I will also find a girlfried ! But today, I will be your man, only today (in Japanese) " He showed another glimpse of a mischievous guy.

- HJ asked fans to sing " I'm your woman " at the end of the song " I'm your man". But some of the fans sang by mistake " I'm your man ".
He reminded fans by gesture to sing once again in a correct way (lol) He said " As you just arrived in Seoul, you must have forgotton your gender ^^ (lol)
* At Budokan, after fan's singing " I'm your woman ",
Hyun Joong closed the song by singing " I'm your man too " So sweet he was !

- HJ sang "Please" with piano accompaniment.
He said " I recorded this song under massive pressue before I made a solo debut. This is the first song recorded for the first album. I would like to show you the process of recording "

- It seems that he practiced the melody of "Please" with piano and he presented how the song had been completed to the final one. So touching & fantastic.

- During talk session, Hyun Joong said that he had gotten a scuba diving license recently.
He said that he conqurer the sea! " In Korea, there is no shark " ... lol

- He will upload the picture in the internet. He also said " While going under the sea, I thought that this is the place I should come together with the girl I love " Then he continued to the topic " With autumn season now, winter is around the corner. You have to find a boyfriend .... "

credits: nanet@lkhj.com + murdererq + Cheezeemelt501

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