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Updates on Kim Hyun Joong's 'City Conquest' Promo Event in Budokan Japan 10.04.12

Let me say first my deepest thanks to nanet@LKHJ.com for compiling these updates for us. She provided us a detailed summary of the event by collecting these various tweets from different fans and followers of Hyun Joong. Thanks for allowing me to re-post your compilation. ^^ I was laughing at some part of the tweets since Leader's comic statements are present. To name one, he answered the MC question if the fans will be upset about the kiss scene. ^^ Gyaaaaahhh I sure hope that my heart can take it. ㅋㅋㅋ The post started when Hyun Joong came out. Enjoy!



HJ is OUT!!

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Tweets from:

- the MC cme up to the stage now.
- HJ came out as the crowd was calling "leader"!
- HJ: good evening. i'm Kim Hyun Joong from CC. I'll show you CC movie tonight.
- HJ: I'm proud standing here as an Asian actor.
*nanet: we are proud of u too!

- CC digest movie, epi 1 and 2 will be shown on screen.
- HJ is wearing t-shirt, black suit and pants. Yumi is wearing cream colored sleeveless dress.
- so cute. HJ just said "kyou mo churu churu (tsuru tsuru) tamago hada" ^^
*nanet: apparently he said that today his skin is also bright and smooth like an egg skin
- now Q & A session already
- Q: which part do you sympathize? *nanet: they must mean "relate to?"
- HJ: you don't understand this , but the part where i love one person from the bottom of my heart
*nanet: he's such a romantic even if he does not admit that he is...
He loves truly, madly, deeply...

- now BTS of CC is on screen.
- the movie finished, yumi and director left the stage and hj prepares for his show.
- the band is already on stage.
- Downhell and HJ on stage now!
- performs Do You Like That, then Lucky Guy
- If You're Like Me
- I'm Your Man
- Please
- Marry Me
- HJ 1st Japanese album will be out in December
- the last song is HEAT!
- encore - Lucky Guy
- HJ stage finished. Yumi and director came out again.
- according to the director, the shooting will finish in March next year.
- the event ending wz the call, “都市征伐 toshi seibatsu, fightin' “
- HJ has left the venue

aaron999KHJ weibo
Trans by the pink one
- 4D Hj has turned 8D ^^ he told the audience to eat and drink well... ie. keep well so that they can spend 100th anniversary together .
- seems like there's already drool worthy scenes in ep1 of CC (topless..?)
- HJ said "I, Baek Mir, love her and will live as her husband and i promise to never ever let her cry."
ahhhhh....leader who loves so deeply...!
- they also showed the boat scene with kissing footage and bed scenes
- and...HJ said the character he plays is someone with a very hard and painful life.
- HJ said: in my mind, i remember dressing up in woman's clothes during a concert back in 2005. it's been a long time since i last dressed up as woman. it's rather big sacrifice for the drama...oh well so long as everyone enjoys watching it...everyone, do look forward to it.
- MC asked Yumi and Director about their views regarding HJ dressed up as a woman. HJ got somewhat embarrased as he was listening....
- Yumi said: there were many fans around during the filming but he wasn't affected nor embarrassed and carried out his acting. HJ looked very pretty dressed up in the kimono. (source: neko weibo)
- PD said: I already thought he's really very good-looking man when we first met. after some contact, i feel he's very masculine....and after drinking with him, i feel he has a good personality and is very humorous!
- heard he's clad in all black together, making him look even taller and leaner.
- Q: what is the highlight of this drama?
- HJ: a lot of effort was put into filming the kissing scenes...
*nanet: Oh HJ..... really....
- seems like the sneaks of the drama hinted that there's more than just kissing in that boat scene...
- CC said to have 20 episodes.
- said atmosphere is very high during HJ's performance
- heard HJ seems to have prepared quite a bit for the event and his Japanese seems to have improved.
- fans readied themselves with green lightsticks and like always, created the marvelous sea of green.
- heard all fans sang along
- not sure how concrete this news is ..... but HJ said to visit Japan during Xmas.
- ended.... he'd always give 90-degree bow at the end, each and every time without fail. am always touched whenever i see him do this. the singing segment was fabulous tonight. a little different from the previous times. he even sang a song that he'd never sung live before. the emcee said this when everyone's leaving the hall, 'it's raining outside.'

@kazumame39 and @akira6171
Trans by @howlovelylala
- Mir is running away on the bike. what a strong car chasing scene
- Mir met Danbi at the Nikko station. Mir looks sad. they are hugging
- when the scene where HJ was dressed up as a woman, everyone laughed
- now the Director, HJ and Yumi are on stage. Gave their greetings in Japanese.
- they introduced the roles in the drama and asked if the fans were upset with the kiss scene.
HJ said in Japanese, "it's fine. only acting".
*nanet: I love this guy!  :lol: :lol:

- all live band performance tonight. no dancers
*nanet: whoa....we have to see this...

- HJ said in Japanese "I am a new singer who just debuted 9 months ago. I am happy to sing at Budokan. Thanks to your support, I am able to do it.
- the director of CC said that HJ must be successful with his fans great support.

- HJ announced to release 1st album on December 25, 2012
- will also release photobook come december.

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*green sea!!!

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compilation credits: nanet@LKHJ.com

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