Sunday, October 14, 2012

[Fancam] SS501's Leader Kim Hyun Joong sings 'Let Me Be The One' at the Lotte Fanmeet Event in Seoul 10.13.12

Finally someone shared the fancam of him singing the song. ^^ It's actually good to hear him sing this after a long time. Maknae Hyung Jun often sings this song, whether it may be in his radio program Music High or during his fanmeets or concerts. Does this mean this is the start of us hearing Hyun Joong singing a complete song of SS501 on his own just like Hyung Jun or Young Saeng or Kyu Jong or Jung Min? ^^ Totally looking forward to it. If there is one song I'd like him to sing on his own, maybe I'll choose this song or 'Everything'. Or any song will do. I believe he knows best. ^^ I think I'm gonna cry just by listening him singing the song. T_T

credits: ss501mami@yt + kimhyunjoong24 + 美貴子 土屋@yt

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