Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kim Hyun Joong will be recording for Happy Camp in Hunan TV

Thanks so much to nanet@lkhj.com for giving this info. ^^ I did some little research about Happy Camp since I'm not familiar with that show. And here's what it says:

From wikipedia:

Happy Camp is a Chinese variety show produced by Hunan Broadcasting System. The series debuted in 1997, and has remained in production since then due to its popularity. The show was hosted by the Happy Family: He Jiong, Li Weijia, Xie Na, Du Haitao, and Wu Xin. "Happy Camp" is one of China's most popular shows.

Each episode aired weekly feature several popular Celebrities as guest stars. Sometimes other regional celebrities from Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, or Taiwan are invited. They participate in interviews, performing, and party games.

Wow! I think this made me look forward to the airing of the episode where he is the guest. Should we expect lots of 4D moments from our Leader? ^^


Original in chinese: SLA weibo
Trans by BB

[SLA★Notice] Barring unforeseen circumstances, our uzoosin Kim Hyun Joong will be joining the recording of the entire episode of Happy Camp by Hunan TV on the 28th of this month. Hope to have everyone's support!

Would like to give special thanks to everyone who will be involved in the filming this time, from the hosts, PD, the crew members... everyone who puts in effort. Thanks, everyone! Let us all look forward to the good results from the recording!

【SLA★公告】如无特殊情况,我们的宇宙神金贤重将于本月28日参加录制湖南卫视<快乐大本营>整场节目,还请大家多多支持! 特此感谢为了本次录制从主持人到导演到工作人员...付出努力的每一位,谢谢大家!我们一起期待节目效果吧!


- in case u r wondering, filming's at Hunan 湖南长沙 heard tix are alrdy on black mkt (RMB2000 now?)
- this is the 'official' weibo post from Hunan TV (湖南卫视)confirming HJ's recording for Happy Camp (快乐大本营)on 28th.

credits: nanet@lkhj.com + the pink one

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