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[Eng Translation] Kim Hyung Jun Interview in Trendy Magazine No. 44

Huge thanks to the translator of the magazine for sharing it with us. A very funny Maknae sharing his thoughts about his concert, his new drama, about football, and about his pets. ^^ 재미있다 김형준 ^^


-About Concert-

Meeting with Hyung Jun at concert eve, of course we had talked about this concert.

Hyung Jun looked a little tired but we can feel that he was in a good mood.

He said "Maybe because I trying hard to prepare the concert, actually I'm a little bit tired."

He smile and keep talking

"Although I had a lot of concert before,but solo concert in Korea  is the first time.

There are more than hundred things I want to show.

But in fact, only to show 10 of them is almost difficult.

Rather than only to show a part, I would like to prepare what I want to sing and what I want to show,

and make it perfect."

And Hyung Jun told us about the concert's special preparation

"This concert will use live band and reorganize my songs and I'll sing other's as well

There are going to be many "THE FIRST" just like the name of concert.

And I'll also keep the excitement of the first performance and anticipation to present!!

That day I won't let everyone sitting on the seat I'll get everyone High!!!

I won't take a rest either.I might feel tired when I do other things.

But not dancing and singing !(Laugh)

 -About Drama-

Besides of the concert, Hyung Jun’s drama is also working on.

Compare to previous two TV dramas with more positive image roles, this one he is going to play third-rate life story?

Hyung Jun says“The name of the drama is 삐딱한 인생(revised drama name:금나와라똑딱)” which is opposite with my previous characters.

This one is massive and straightforward. For money and love ones,

he thinks he should live his life by working hard to earn money, and even resorts to all means to achieve goal.”

We asked him did he feel difficulty or parts that need challenge.

“Besides the length of my hair, there is no need to take challenge.

Haha~~ I’m keeping challenge my hair length and also thinking about should I make it longer to fit the character.

To be honest, it is not no challenge at all, I should say I want to play different role each time.

Make myself a green band in every drama. Moreover, I want to play this role in my very first glance. ”

 -About Football-

Hyung Jun recently is also interested in football, even twitted on twitter to ask everyone to like his football team fan page.

We thought he should be busy in his work and decrease football time. It seems not like that…..

He said ”Originally I like football a lot, boys all like football!! So I am often playing football with other artist or 선배.

There are not so much things to do besides work, so I take football as my leisure activity.

I also set up our own football team named FC Avengers. Please press like in our fan page.”

Even in interview he did not forget to promote for his football team, how’s Jun’s skill?

When he heard we want he to be honest. He laughed out loud and said “Sucks!!”(ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ)

admit so directly, and made us laugh.

He said “I just play it because I like it!!!I am the team leader ^^ Team members and I all decided we will get number one next time!! Seriously!!!”

Although he said it with all his heart, we are still laugh without save his face. 

형준아~~ 미안

-About Pet-

Though busy with his work and football, he never forgets to dedicate to public welfare.

Not long ago, he was been invited by relevant magazine to take photo with his god Choco.When mention his be loving dogs,

he said ”I like small animals very much, I took Choco home when he was very little.

My mom recently found a little dog was abandoned near our house, abandoned dogs are very poor, so we took it home. There are two dogs in our home”

We asked Jun curiously, does he decide to join public welfare because his mother takes care of abandon dogs?

"I was eager to join this kind of public welfare. Just like 효리누나 and many singers are participate in it.

This time is a great opportunity to bring my two little dogs together to tell everyone to adopt instead of buying pet.

I will join more public welfare in the future. If any place needs my dogs, we will go!! :)"

Except the public welfare Hyung Jun told us a lot of things that he want to do.

He set target for him to make at least an album in last-half year and also join a drama.

It is better to play drama in the top three TV stations (KBS, MBC, SBS). Looks like his busy schedule will keep continue.

Time fly when we talked with Hyung Jun maybe because it was very happy time.

Although we can see Hyung Jun’s change and development in each time we meet, we can always feel his passion and insist to his work.

And the honest heart to treat people kind as usual.

We believe you will keep support Hyung Jun with Trendy and let’s looking forward to next time when he visit Taiwan!!

 ========Trans END==========

Photo and Chinese BY.Hui 

English Trans By. Lucky Girl~~~~

credits: http://with501time.pixnet.net/blog/post/142158047

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