Thursday, March 28, 2013

Photos of Kim Hyun Joong in Okinawa 03.28.13

Today, he's in Okinawa Japan to receive an award which is Creator’s Factory Award for Best Male Actor (Lucky Guy). The first award he received this year 2013. 축하해 김현중!!!!! He also performed live for the fans in the beach! ^^ The songs he sang were 'Heat', 'Save Today', 'Let Me Go', 'Break Down', 'Smile', 'U', 'Please', 'Do You Like That', 'Lucky Guy', 'I'm Yours', 'Your Story', and 'Let's Party'. Wow! The songs are many you'd think it's his own concert! ㅋㅋㅋ But like I always say, I'm happy to see him happy. ^^ Thanks to MurdererQ for these wonderful pictures! Kim Hyun Joong's looks are getting younger and younger, doesn't it? ♥

credits: http://s865.photobucket.com/user/MURDERER_Q/media/-KHJLIVE/2013KHJ/20130328%20Okinawa%20-%20Intl%20Film%20Festival%20Events/20130326-Okinawa-FreeCon02.jpg.html?filters[user]=96738482&filters[recent]=1&filters[publicOnly]=1&sort=1&o=0


  1. Hi :) I thought I will ask for advice ^^ I am running charity 10k and I wanted a custom Tshirt with motivational quote. I thought about quotes from KHJ or other members in front and something like ss501 forever in the back - to keep me motivated during run. any quote you recommend? ^^

    1. wow! that' great. ^^ hmmmm that's a tough one. i couldn't think of an exact word that would match the concept of ur running. I found one posted on my quotes section of my blog from Kim Hyun Joong. He said 'Only a loser will put the blame on bad luck'. You might wanna check the quotes section so you can also choose if you want to get some other options. I'll try to think hard also and hopefully i can give you a better one once I woke up in the morning. ^^

    2. Hey:) Thanks ^^ So I decided. In front will be "If you can't do it, you need to practice more" and in the back will be Five forever as one - black shirt with light green writing :))

    3. That's perfect! Nice! ^^ That will definitely give you inspiration. Good luck ^^


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