Friday, March 29, 2013

SS501 members Heo Young Saeng, Kim Hyung Jun and Park Jung Min attended the 8th Anniversary of Newsen and Didier Dubbo Celebration Party 03.28.13 (Added more)

I don't know if they went in together or separate time. But they happen to be on the same event. ^^ Good looking Young Saeng and Hyung Jun. ^^ Hope they also took a picture together so they can show it to us. 허영생 그리고 김형준 진짜 멋있다! ♥

*Update: Seems like Jung Min also attended the event. How come we haven't seen any photos of them 3 together? It's impossible that they didn't bumped into each other since it's the same event they've been too. ^^ Thanks to RiCeLyN for the tip. ^^

Added more

credits: as tagged + naver


  1. why jung min's photo is not here? he was there too .

    1. hi ^^ just in time, I just added it now. ^^ sorry for the delay. >.<

    2. sorry sis, didn't see that you had replied for this long time.
      Thank you so much for your hard work. I am so much grateful to you for doing such a wonderful job for us. So happy to have found out your blog. In fact I have addicted to this for many months!

    3. it's ok. ^^ wow! thanks so much also for coming here and visiting my blog. ^^


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