Sunday, March 31, 2013

[Fanpic] Kim Hyun Joong playing soccer with FC Avengers 03.31.13 (Added more)

A great day for all Triple S fans. ^^ Hyun Joong was seen playing with Kim Hyung Jun today! ^^ I was so happy to see them together! ^^ He wore FC avengers uniform since he's playing for them so don't be bothered why his name is not on his uniform. ㅋㅋㅋ I'll be posting individual pictures first, ok? 김현중 재미있어요? ^^

*Will update post once other pictures are out. Please check this post from time to time.

credits: as tagged + http://blog.naver.com/hj090331?Redirect=Log&logNo=120186715446 + http://cozy-blog.tistory.com/1547 +  http://www.kimhyunjoong24.com +  橙子결 + Triplekwan501@twitter + http://cafe.daum.net/hyuncc/HYge/10 + http://s1287.photobucket.com/user/pluto0606/library/20130331%20KHJ%20play%20soccer?page=1 + http://mijya0909.blog.me/80186926250

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