Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Official Photo Updates of Kim Hyun Joong from Japan Mobile 03.27.13

Happy to see the shots are showing his happy face. ^^ Really would like to see that from Hyun Joong. ^^ 김현중 행복해서~

credits: as tagged + Kim Hyun Joong Japan Mobile + http://blog.naver.com/hj090331?Redirect=Log&logNo=120186327897


  1. That made me happy :) I watched X concert last night and it made me really sad. So sad that I needed to write a letter about my feelings towards ss501.... Im scared of myself as I feel like im totally fangirling now :/

    1. that's ok. there's nothing wrong in being a fangirl. I myself is a fangirl and as long as I'm not doing anything wrong, it's totally fine. ^^

      Xconcert was one of their appearances that I'm trying to avoid to watch again. I've watched it only twice but for both times I've cried like a river. T_T It breaks my heart to see them cry T_T


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