Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ways to help Heo Young Saeng's 'The Art of Seduction' win on Music Shows!

I have finally compiled here the different ways to help out Young Saeng. We all know that from the past albums he had released, he was almost there, but never did get the chance to take home the trophy of winning no.1 in Music Shows. Most of the scores are coming to digital sales which only Korean people can purchase since it needs resident/korean ID. Now, what overseas can do is to do whatever we can to help him out. I've seen this post of ode in her blog and I hope she won't get mad if I repost it here so more fans would be aware of such way. 

Voting on SBS Mobile App SOTY
As Young Saeng has now made a comeback, you should help to vote on SBS SOTY app (Inkigayo) too.
Aggressive voting should begin anytime soon for next week (03.24)'s reflection. (voting period 2013.3.17~2013.3.23).

SBS Inkigayo

Inkigayo Chart: [Click]

Components influencing final ranking on the charts:-

◈ Digital - 50% *

◈ SNS Score (Facebook Responses, Twitter Responses, Me2day, Youtube) - 30% *

◈ SBS Mobile App - SOTY Voting - 20% *
(if you are SBS member on sbs.co.kr, you can vote;
if not, you should sign up as SOTY member by downloading the app and find 회원가입(join))
SOTY on Apple App Store
SOTY on Android Google Play

[For No.1 Nominees only] Real-time SMS Voting carried out during the show
Method 1) Nominee's name/number to #1245
Method 2) Vote in M& App (Apple iOS, Android)

After downloading, you can start to vote inside SOTY.

1. Locate the programme as boxed in red - SBS 인기가요 (Inkigayo)

 2. It will appear to look like this

  3. Scroll down to find this. Click into it - it's the page for voting 

 4. The voting period varies each week by each week, of course.
Try to click the small yellow box 투표.  

 5.  If you're not joined as a member yet, this will pop up.
You cannot vote yet. Join first.

6. Join in as per the steps

7. After you're completed, you can now vote. 

*one-time voting per person only (each week)

credits: ss501ode.blogspot.com


Kelemama also provided other information via her twitter  account:

"To target SBS chart ranking - for e 50% on digital sales/streaming, overseas fans if you have computer n able to commit a certain amt of hours to stream, do join e collaboration project raised by Korean fansites to do digital download/streaming.

If you are not able to help with the collaboration, other ways is to increase YouTube views. Though not sure how it goes, but I guess it should be by view counts from original source which means only watch from B2M's official mv upload of The Art of Seduction. I suggest don't go straight to B2M's official account but do a search base on 1) 허영생 2) 작업의정석 3) The Art of Seduction 4) heoyoungsaeng . With the search results, ONLY CLICK TO WATCH FROM B2M'S OFFICIAL CHANNEL. Do not watch from other uploaders! (looks like we need to do something to get other uploaders to either delete or private their vids!!) Remember that view count is only considered when you complete playing e whole video from start to end!

If you have a public twitter account, place these hash tags in your tweets [[ #허영생 #작업의정석 #heoyoungsaeng ]] preferably in e front of your tweet in case you do twitlonger n it didn't get reflected n captured into counts properly. Same goes for Me2day, if u hv an acct do insert e hash tags when u write there!

Last but not least, download the SOTY app n vote everyday!!

I can tell you I am not sure what else we can help in order to get YS to win an award, but we can only try whatever ways there are n just do it.

It goes the same for comeback of other boys too. Until we find out the 'sure' way to win, we can only just try our best, at all given possibilities and solutions.

Fighting Pretties! We can do it!!"

credits: SS501왕자 (@501wangja)

I also posted before how you can vote for him in MNET. If you missed that part, you may click HERE.

So there. If all Triple S unites, then we can definitely give a big help to him. We want to let him know that even overseas fans can do something. Just in case you don't have any hangul keyboard or cannot type hangul, you may just copy the hangul writings and paste it. I really look forward on the day when he will be receiving a trophy of winning in music shows. He deserves it, don't you think? 허영생 화이팅!! 트리플에스 화이팅!!


  1. can i share this post to my facebook?i have many friend in my fb group who love SS501...

    1. yes please go ahead. we need all the help that we can. thank you very much

    2. welcome....that what can i do as a fan

  2. it make me mad when c other singer win...I hope young saeng will win...it heard to vote in sbs inkinayo cause it korea..


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