Monday, March 25, 2013

Updates on Kim Hyun Joong's 'Unlimited' Japan Tour in Hiroshima (Day 2) 03.25.13

It was said that Hyun Joong cried on this last stage for 'Unlimited' Tour. 울지마 김현중~ We are all here for you. T_T We will support you all the way. ^^ 사랑해요~~ *안아주는*

credits: 専用Rida http://twitpic.com/ce9e9q


- Show's started! HJ in black again ^^;; black jacket, t shirt, pants but more leathery than yesterday... rocker mode!

- HJ was pointing to fans during Save Today... warming up early today ^.^

- There are 4 gigantic balloons today during Kiss Kiss... specially for the final show? ^^

- HJ came down onto the floor! Fan Service coming early and strong today! yeah!! ^^

- HJ's now in black long leather vest, grey t-shirt with pattern, & a shiny black belt ^^

- Smile from HJ... with butt shake at the end of course #^.^#

- HJ told fans to point (who? who? ^^) during U... as if he needed to do so by now ^.^

- I'm Yours... with fans singing along ^^ Really popular among Jap fans & HJ's singing his heart out together with them ^^

- Let's Party!!! The whole crowd was singing with him! \^.^/

- HJ took off his vest ^.^ DYLT & Lucky Guy now... High! High! High! High!

- Aigoo... Fans were fanning HJ when he leaned forward to drink water after the LG work out ^.^ what a sight!!

- Warming down... with If You're Like Me ^^

- oh... no paper planes for fans today during I'm Your Man? It's ok ^^ cos he still flew one into the crowd ^^

- Please in black t-shirt & sunglasses ^^ Sunglasses are only slightly tinted... so fans can see his eyes ^^

- Changed mic after Please for the amazing Break Down Rock Version ^.^

- Keke... HJ got shiny bit stuck on top of his head ^^;;

- And then a leaf got stuck to the back of HJ neck at the end of Your Story! lol!! ^^

- HJ singing Please Be Nice to Me in white t-shirt & black printed scarf... we're in the last of the regular segments T.T

- Ah... HJ's scarf has skulls printed on it ^^

- Love Like This! HJ moving to both edges of the stage, getting the fans worked up again ^^

- End of regular segment with Let Me Be The One ^^ ENCORE coming up!!

- HJ went about waving his scarf at LLT ^^ then gave it to the drummer when he's back in the centre keke

- HJ started encore with Let's Party and wow! He roamed a lot around level 1! ^^

- Aww... seemed like HJ teared up T.T

- Not just HJ was affected... the lady bass player and back up singer teared up too T.T

- There's a cake with all band members and HJ's name... it's farewell moment

- HJ was presented with flower from band members... thanks Downhell! for being part of this special journey ^^

- Moving moment... fans singing Heat without accompaniment to HJ who's tearing


- You hv to go out so that you meet shut who may confess love to you. Don't stay at home.

- I tell you 4 the first time that I dedicate this song 4 you , "Marry me" do that you can send me a good news.

- I'm happy that I could have realized what I promised with you in July., "live tour in a small-scale live house.

- I'm very nervouse under the pressure, "Today is the last day".  After singing "I'm your man", he said "I love you"

- Encore stage: the scal-motif reminds me of my first Japan tour ,i.e.,group days.  (Kokoro promotion )

- Before we say good bye, we hv to promise when we see again. I'm confident I will bring a better album.

- During 3 months, I became attached deeper than before. Do you know why you miss someone ?

- It's cus that you can imagine his/her face even with your eyes closed. I wud remember all of you in my eyes & heart.

- On the stage I really felt happy being a singer. ....HJ's eyes were full of tears. As this moment I'm happy.

credits: lovingkimhyunjoong@twitter + lafone0606@twitter + howlovelylala@twitter

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