Friday, March 22, 2013

Heo Young Saeng performs 'The Art of Seduction' in Music Bank 03.22.13

What's the first thing that caught your attention? The red shoes! ^^ 허영생 빨간 신발을! ♥ Check out Young Saeng's performance in his 2nd comeback stage in Music Bank. Once again, this was not supposed to be on his schedule, but a last minute addition. Does that mean our efforts are slowing paying off? ^^ If it is, then good! Means we have a lot of homework to do this weekend. ^^ Dont forget to vote on MNET. Remember, voting starts on Friday which is today Until Monday 9am KST. So start working gals! ^^ The video is in HD! ^^ Enjoy! ^^

*Update: replaced video with a working KBS World TV with subs

  credits: kbsworld@yt

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