Thursday, April 4, 2013

SS501 Tweets: Park Jung Min replies to the birthday greeting of Kyu Jong and Hyung Jun 04.04.13

And so I thought he won't be able to see their greetings since he's not following anyone, apparently our Sexy Charisma is reading his mentions. ^^ So cute he was asking for a champagne as a gift from our Kyu Jongie. Maybe they'll drink it once they meet up. Waahh hopefully they'll take a picture together. ^^ And for our Hyung Junnie, Jung Min seems to be very formal towards our Maknae. ㅋㅋㅋ Your way of teasing Maknae? But despite that, I really admire their friendship and brotherly towards each other. 김규종 김형준 박정민 그들은 가족들. 더블에스오공일 만세!!

credits: JungMin0403 + xiaochu1004@twitter (English Translations)

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