Tuesday, June 11, 2013

[Eng Translation] Kim Hyun Joong doing the '귀요미 (Gwiyomi)' Live at Party People in Seoul 06.08.13

It's a must that I share this with you all. I tell, you, a very cute and funny Hyun Joong on the loose! ㅋㅋㅋ Funny how he threatens the fans regarding their fancams and asked the security guard to catch them! ^^ So, since I'm posting this now Hyun Joong.... will you look for my IP address and hunt me down? ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ  빨리와 김현중! ^^ 난 기다려! ^^

【EN TRANS :: 130608 김현중 귀요미 Kiyomi, KimHyunJoong 】

0:06    I will show for this section once more, a kiyomi song.
0:13    I will do for you in a totaly cute way. (* HJ said this really in a cute way (〃▽〃)♥)
0:19    (laughing) Should I do with a fake lisp too? (laughing) (* HJ really spoke this with a fake lisp. ROFL)
0:25    1 plus 1 to be kiyomi
0:27    2 plus 2 to be kiyomi
0:30    3 plus 3 to be kiyomi
0:32    4 plus 4 to be kiyomi
0:35    5 plus 5 to be kiyomi
0:37    6 plus 6 to be muah muah muah muah (〃▽〃)♥
0:40    alright..
0:42    Please get rid of all the people who are taking a fan cams!
0:45    Please get rid of them
0:47    Mr. security guard, please kick them out! (giggling)
0:50    Alright. During your lifetime, once you spread it on youtube wherever, I will track your IP addresses and sue all.
1:02    Wait, Mr. security guard, don't go (to catch them) for real. Please come back.
1:06    Just a joke, joke.
1:12    It was scary he really came up (to them).
1:16    MC : Wow, he works so well. seems our HJ ssi's word is the law.
1:25    1 plus 1 to be kiyomi (* the onwer of this fancam repeatedly show the kiyomi part)
1:28    2 plus 2 to be kiyomi
1:30    3 plus 3 to be kiyomi
1:32    4 plus 4 to be kiyomi
1:34    5 plus 5 to be kiyomi
1:36    6 plus 6 to be muah muah muah muah (〃▽〃)♥
(*The background song's lyrics singing 'I love you, love you, endlessly lovely you')

credits: @howlovelylala took a dictation and translated from @HanulnRiver 's fancam, 130608 김현중의 귀요미(kiyomi, KimHyunJoong): http://youtu.be/6GfWNoX6Kzk via @youtube


  1. HD fancam! awesome and Hyun Joong is soooo cute

    1. yes indeed he is! and funny too! A guy full of sense of humor ^^

  2. thanks for posting. I knew he was saying something fun by the audience reaction but now I can laugh with it too.


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