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Updates on Kim Hyun Joong's 'Party People' Fanmeet in Seoul 06.08.13

Okay, so while I'm checking for updates, I'm also posting this. So make sure to check this post from time to time. Gonna do this as fast as I can so bear with me, 알았어? ^^


This photos was shared by one of the fans who attended the fanmeet. 4 chairs was placed in the audience area. No idea why.
cr: http://p.twipple.jp/nzpuO

Kim hyun joong "welcome to my last bday party. Lets meet again for 30 years old party pic.twitter.com/uosC1Qwzxi Photo cr 南京静静地


7:24pm KST - Starting

7:34pm - sssong!!! 4 chance!

7:45pm - aegyo clips in jaksal with his friends is daebak!

7:49pm - he's in a loose billowy white shirt... buttoned 2 only? low low neckline... sweating like mad

7:49pm - U & Smile in white shirt blue jeans ^^ did a great butt dance ^^

7:50pm - lol!! fans calling for encore of the cute clip during talk ^.^ And sweet HJ obliged of course!

7:53pm - think he felt a bit embarrassed at the end and somehow hit his lips on the mic ;p

7:53pm - Khj did gywomi , his mic accidentally hit his front tooth 


7:58pm - after Kiss Kiss, showing clips of pics from before and present, including friends and ending with a family pic ^^

Hyun joong's  kwiyomi pic.twitter.com/czxvrjIxhW 

8:03pm - Right now singing 'if u are like me'

8:12pm - Please and then now, Please be nice to me, both in black tee with prints and black jeans

8:21pm - showing pics of diff cd covers, including hj's, ss501's & other artists'... ballot for song he's singing next

lee juck's wait won ^^ hj singing it now... (namjachingu_khj: the song he sang in BOF in Macau)

8:31 pm - There's a fan shouted I love u. Khj asked who is it for a few times. (Fr weibo)

8:35pm -  sang birthday song & celebrate with uzoosin birthday cake

 KHJ's Gwiyomi twitpic.com/cw04pj  http://twitpic.com/cw04pz  http://twitpic.com/cw04qd  http://twitpic.com/cw04r8  http://twitpic.com/cw04rr  

8:56 pm - I'm your man pic.twitter.com/Z7qVSGtv95

8:57pm - talk over ^^ singing Marry Me ^^

8:57pm - got a fan up at the end of Marry Me and gave her a hug and photo with him and cake

 9:02pm - he kept her onstage and continued serenading her to I'm Your Man. What a lucky lady! ^^

9:02pm - break down rock version! HJ in shades & sleeveless black  tee

9:06pm - break down with dancers and band. fans chanting khj again after break down

9:07pm - Your Story Korean version pic.twitter.com/Po7CGthdzB

 9:14pm - Now he is singing songs from 3rd Japanese single

9:19pm - Singing Let Me Be the One. 

130608 HJ talks about 8th anniversary cr: Henecia_Hyun小茉 

9:30pm - fans calling for encore... and now clip of him filming and pratising with dancers & band

9:32pm - He's singing his new digital single song entitled 'The Reason I Live' for encore :) #KHJPARTYPEOPLE 

9:47pm - Kim hyun joong "you are the best fans in the world"

9:48pm - Pic cr as tagged. pic.twitter.com/AakdLRWPgk


  1. It weird about 4 chairs..did someone wil tell who sit there please?

    1. apparently the seats were for those who are handicapped

  2. Awww, so thoughtful of him.


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