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[Rough English Translation] SS501 8th Year Anniversary Video Message

This is just a rough translation. I just hope someone with a kind soul can provide the full english subs. I haven't gotten tired of watching the video over and over and over again. And the funny thing is, all their official YouTube Channels have shared this video. parkjungminofficial, junusofficialtv, b2mkjofficial, b2mysofficial. That means their agencies want them to be together too. ^^ 다섯명은 영원히 하나. 지금까지 SS501 이있십니다! ♥

Roughly translation of the 8th anniversary video

First part of video (-1:09)

Everyone: Hello! This is SS501!
JM: It's already 8th anniversary! How old were we when we debuted?
HJB: (point to himself) 19, (point to JM) 19
YS: 20
KJ: 19
JM: So I'm now 27 (years old)
HJB: 27
YS: 28
KJ: 27
JM: Everyone also grow older year by year with us
[JM acted like eating bcuz 나이를 먹고(eating? your age) also means getting older]
KJ: Together
JM: Together
JM: Everyone please grow older as creating memories every year. So how many years should we continue?
HJB: Should be long time. Ah! We are working hard for this year...
JM: When we ask how long we should go, we would say forever normally
KJ: 10 years [not sure what he said actually]

Second part of the video

JM: So now it's the 8th anniversary, please say some words to everyone. YS first.
YS: Really 8th anniversary, it's been a long time and we are getting older too. Thanks to all your loving and please believe us till the end and wait for us. Fans are like giving us strength and always thank you. Love you!

HJB: Yeah, I also thank you and I will work even harder not only for solo activities but also...mo..sometimes?..yeah..sometimes? ah yeah, really thank you and will work harder, really thank you and will work harder [he repeated twice-.-]. [can't hear clearly] five of us will make more good CD and become handsomer..[can't hear clearly again><]

JM: wa, so cool!
KJ: I will comeback to soon (as finish the military service)THANK YOU!!
HJB: JM will say few words finally
JM: Please watch us as we are having solo activities. And please support us as we are still SS501 as in five members. Everyone! Please stay healthy and stay with us together. Thank you.

JM (to YS): Really so cool to...there's nothing can be cooler than this. How is Oppa? [YS's song]
YS: Till now, it's...
Everyone: SS501! Thank you!

Very rough translation anyway, hope you enjoy reading it(?)
(cr. @kangazzi & @PJMIFC)

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