Saturday, March 9, 2013

[Eng Translation] Kim Hyun Joong appearance on NTV Sukkiri Japan 03.08.13

Huge thanks to the translator for sharing it with us! ^^ Now we understood more what they were laughing about. ^^ Seems language is really not a barrier for friendship. ^^ 잘한다 김현중~ ^^

Sukkiri trans:

hyun joong joked Naoto saying “Nice to meet you“ (as we've known, they're close friends)
Naoto answered “It's not the 1st time we meet!“. “He (hyun joong) drinks a lot. i'm always beaten up (when they go to drink together?)“

MC: Are you guys really close friends? (Do you really get along well?)

HJ: We often play football together, meet and go to eat when (I'm) in JP. We have had a concert together. (hyun joong spoke in Korean.)

MC: Which language do you use (when you communicate)?

HJ: (it's because of) football, (the communication is) pace. (spoke in Japanese)

Naoto: pace

MC: ah~, so word is...

HJ: We don't need words. (spoke in Jp)

Naoto: yes, that's right, we don't need words, we communicate though a ball.

For the last msg, hyun joong n Naoto said “we're gonna come to play at the studio.“

credits: 1966chiaki@yt + http://tsgsuho.blog.me/130162287224 + translated by OnlyKHJtimes

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