Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pre-order Heo Young Saeng's 3rd Mini Album 'Life'

And so you know, every time our boys are releasing a new album, I make sure I'll post a detail for pre-order. ^^ Though I am aware that most of the fans are also having their own share of doing a bulk pre-order of their own for other fans, still I will be posting these details here. My favorite site? YesAsia! This is also where I'm buying most of my DVD's and CDs. ^^ Please support his 3rd Mini Album. You may never know, you might get surprised. ^^ What can you say about his picture? 

Track Listing
1. Life
2. 작업의 정석 (타이틀곡)
3. 그게 나야
4. 알아 다
5. 작업의 정석 (INST.)

credits: YesAsia.com

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