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Updates on Kim Hyun Joong's 'Unlimited' Japan Tour 2013 in Sapporo 03.05.13 (Added more)

These are just some few real-time updates I've gathered and I would like to thank those who were updating us. It's funny reading some of the statements where Hyun Joong was joking. 김현중 완전 웃겨~ ^^ By the way I am inserting pictures from the Japan Staff Blog update. ^^ 

Oh no... Hyun Joong cried????? 왜??? 울지마 현중아~~ T_T 내가 불안해... 혹시........

Please re-post with full credits! Thanks! Please Check this post from time to time. ^^

Tweets from:
-HJ performed Break Down twice, band version and dancing at the last encore though he said Yoyogi was the last.

-HJ went around everywhere on 1st floor, during the encore. He also sang in front of me, so beautiful !!!

-HJ will work for the next album after he goes back to Korea, though he does not when he release the next SLBM.

- HJ joked ; heard that due to the climate, Sapporo people are not proactive. You hv to prove. it is not true.

- S a singer, he g's been dreaming to sing with band & orchestra,. Another dream is to collaborate eh band & dancers.

- When he said that dancers were back to Korea, fans reaction was a disappointing one. He got hero use ant Artmatic.

- HJ asked us . You guys came to see me, right? You are not satisfied with me?

- As you guys are not satisfied with me alone, I will bring band, orchestra & dancers next time.

- If I sing this song , you will like me more, then he sang Marry Me.

- You guys look a bit cold. People tend to love those who are cold, but it is likely that you contine to be cold till the end ...

- his white v neck t-shirt during PBNTM was so thin. Left little to imagination. Could not concentrate even though he was dancing quite a bit.

- dancing HJ....danced thru the whole of Please. Totally suave in simple short sleeved black tee and jeans. ^^

- He did not plan to sing it (BD rock version) until yesterday. He asked Alex if it can be done...and here it is. ^^

- Surprise song! Breakdown rock version... Love love love it!!! Amazing!!

- he sang I'm your Man and everyone flew plane after singing. His plane went to row 3.

- he asked us to fold plane and when everybody was folding he said no one was listening to him speaking lol.

- HJ said this is the most he'd sweated. astosphere's great!!

- HJ looks younger today...totally cute and handsome!!! Hair is not gelled up ^^

- 2day, there ws mini stage n front f main stage. HJ felt it's wasted. Sed he'd come down&use it mor (to b near fans) depndng n fans' respnse. 

- The fans sighed aloud with the news that the dancers had left HJ responded... am I not enough for you lol!

- Sapporo update: hyun joong said “i came to Sapporo yesterday, and had Sapporo ramem n drank Sapporo beer. But... that beer was Asahi (different brand beer). I'm gonna try to do my best to drink Sapporo beer today.“ Then fans asked him “where are you gonna drink it?“ he said “at the hotel.“ cr: piro66hj

- Sapporo update: hyun joong walked around the back side of the 1st raw n looked at each eyes of fans during anchor. cr : skymarry

- Sapporo update: hyun joong is so cute! Fans said “e~! (no~!)“ when he said? Art Matic went back to Korea. Then he said “Are you coming to see me or Art Matic?!“ cr: lalamam127

- Sapporo update :: "We have not done 'paper airplane event' recently? Today I'd like to. Everyone, if you have a paper, please fold into an airplane. If you don't have one, please make it later by yourself and fly toward Korea please (laugh) Are you ready? ah. not prepared yet. Why don't we have a talk during preparing?" (but audience couldn't liesten to him to make an airplane. lol) 

- Sapporo update :: No one listens to me. (laugh) You are like the weather. (laugh) cold outside, warm inside (laugh) a bit cool person is better than a person who's nice everytime. (laugh) When you are struggling (to fold the paper airplane) in the beginning, you will be fail at the end (laugh) I hope you wouldn't fail today. (laugh)

- Sapporo update :: "Let's practice for a long time .(and sang a cappela) after I sing and turn my mike toword the audience, everyone have to sing along) I don't think this is not a sports game but let's do it! (laugh) yes!!! (laugh) I'm your man~~~ just Let's do the next song 'Please'"

-  hyun joong said “who said that fans frm Hokkaido is shy? I've never swet like this wz Lucky Guy. I don't know if this air heating system (at the venue) is strong or your support is hot, but there would be a power you can't see (understand), aren't there? That's your support, right? cr: piro66hj 

- Actually I didn't plan to sing this song at Hotkaidou, but last night Alex recommended to do with the band... So, band ver. of Break Down!! It's amazing to perform Break Down with a mic stand.

- after the song 'Please', as usaul my ear microphone should be set up, now even lights came on but not been set up yet. (laugh) That person in the back is the one in charge. As you might know, now we have a problem. (laugh)

- 20130305 Leader: I might just others for you. or I might get along we have a lifetime together. Even Im just others for you, I will never forget the love that I received from you guys.  

- It was my dream zat I can show you a band style Live n a dance style Live on the same stage! tdy my dream came true! 

-  HJL sang Your Story with the fans then he cried so hard...Leaderrr! T.T 

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