Saturday, March 9, 2013

Updates on Kim Hyung Jun's 'The First' Live Concert in Seoul 03.09.13

Okay so I'm doing this for the benefit of all the Triple S and Jjunie's fans around the globe. ^^ It's actually hard trying to refresh the feed each second waiting for any updates and taking note of it one by one. Plus I'm writing this and also I have 10 tabs opened so I won't miss a thing! ㅋㅋㅋ Crazy, right? All for the love of our boys. ^^ There are a lot of interesting info but the highlight of which is the arrival of our Triple S President Kim Kyu Jong! I seriously screamed in front of my computer the moment I saw his picture! ^^ And when they hugged each other, it's as if I'm gonna cry. T_T 잘한다 김형준!! ^^


Time is in KST

4:53pm - Jun rehearsing U R Man n LLT! (@501wangja + @ILoveHyun501)

6:13pm - Starting the show with 'Sorry I'm sorry' with live band. Whoo! (@reena2_9)

6:22pm - HyungJun picked up a bottle of mineral water to drink. Fans starts screaming then he drank again and again and again. Then smile. Lol! (@reena2_9)

6:24pm - He just enjoy making fans scream... anything that make fans scream he will do it at least twice. (@reena2_9)

6:32pm - He ask fans to guess what's his next song. Then he said 'what? yesterday? Kyu Jong's song?' he even danced a little. (@reena2_9)

6:39pm - I'm glad they decide to do it with live band.. Hyung Jun's a great live singer!(@reena2_9)

6:43pm - He was introducing his junior as special guest. And said. Rmb to show them some love. But lesser than mine. Just slightly lesser will do (@reena2_9)

6:43pm - credits @enjoy520 + @501wangja + @约定好等你2年的鸽子 from weibo + @jstkyu0324

6:45pm Special guest is A-jax (@reena2_9)

6:55pm  credits @aor22

7:07pm - Hyung Jun gonna sing while playing the guitar.. nice! (@reena2_9)

7:09pm - HyungJun playing Falling Slowly now with.his guitar (@triplesph)

7:11pm - And now 'cuz I'm stupid' rock version..(@reena2_9)

7:13pm - And now 'cuz I'm stupid' normal version (@reena2_9)

7:17pm - HyungJun was talking to KyuJong on stage. Then KyuJong shouted back to him. (@reena2_9)

7:17pm - credits @aor22

7:17pm - HyungJun is mentioning KyuJong that he is inside the venue.he is seating on the 2nd floor with Jjun's family and friends (@triplesph)

7:18‏pm - in conclusion the song "because i'm stupid" is have all version acoustic version , rock version , normal version (@CTD08)

7:22pm - he talk about Kyu jong to sit in this hall but Kyu jong cannot come on stage" I think it buz of some reason of army(@CTD08)

7:27pm - Hyungjun asked the fans at level2 if it's interesting. Among the fans scream, came a very loud group of male cheering (@reena2_9)

7:29pm - He is singing the OST of his drama I Love You. (@triplesph)

7:32pm - He got all the fans to stand up and follow his action. He said he have always been wanting to do this during concert. (@reena2_9)

7:33pm - Singing 'So Sick' by Neyo (@reena2_9)

7:38pm - HyungJun singing Justin Timberlake song (@triplesph)

7:43pm - hyungJun ask fans if they want more, all fans screamed. Then he ask anyone doesn't want it? Some fans screamed. Then he hissed at the fans. (@reena2_9)

7:44pm - Long Night..new remix version (@triplesph)

7:47pm - He is introducing the band members (@triplesph)

7:58pm - He is singing Girls... ((@triplesph)

8:02pm - Last song ended with 'Girls'. Shouting encore and KimHyungJun to get him back now..  (@reena2_9)

8:04pm - Everytime When fans scream KimHyungJun, level 2 came very loud 'hey' by group of guys. (@reena2_9)

8:04pm - He's back on stage with Gangnam style... (@reena2_9)

8:09pm - Now he's singing 'A song calling for you' completed with the dance. (@reena2_9)

8:11pm - And now!!! I'm ur man!!!!!! (@reena2_9)

8:13pm - love like this!!! It's like SS501 medley!! (@reena2_9)

8:22pm - OMG!!! KYUJONG ON STAGE FOR FINALE!!!(reena2_9)

8:23pm - The hug the hug!!! (@reena2_9)

8:28pm to end - credits: @aor22 + Rou- + @SakuraDream501 + @reena2_9 + @slinda72000


  1. Thanks thanks thanks for your great effort =)

    1. you're welcome ^^ Anything for our boys and for other Triple S fans ^^

  2. Omg Omg, I wanna cry too seeing HyungJun and KyuJong XD. Thanks so much!!!

    1. me too. I felt like crying the moment I saw Kyu Jong arrived. What more when they hugged? T_T

    I'M SO HAPPY ^^

    1. you're welcome ^^ thanks also for visiting my blog ^^


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