Monday, June 3, 2013

Article about UEE's mother choosing Kim Hyun Joong in the show 'Barefoot Friends'

I'm running late for work so I'll be posting these as quickly as possibly. What can you say gals? Is Hyung Jooong the right man for UEE? Or should I ask, is UEE the right girl for Hyun Joong? 어떠세요 김현중씨?


UEE's mother picks Kim Hyun Joong as perfect husband material

UEE's mother picked fellow 'Barefoot Friends' cast member Kim Hyun Joong as the best husband for her daughter on the latest episode of the travel variety program (although, to be quite honest, is anyone surprised?).

As the cast members gathered in one place with UEE's mother prior to departure, she was asked to choose the most well-suited husband for her beautiful daughter from the roster of cast members. Although she held some reservations - "he doesn't look the brightest" - she still picked Kim Hyun Joong as the one who would make the best potential suitor.

credits: MountainMadman@allkpop

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