Saturday, September 21, 2013

A dream that I should not forget

Okay, I understand this post should have been kept personal, but I'd like to keep this as a memory and for me to remember this again in the future, I'm gonna post it here on my blog. So for those who are not interested, you may skip this post. ^^

Well, everything seems to be a very vivid scene for me, but I'll try to recall bits of pieces of it. ^^ It started on a scene where I was with my friend whom I went together with in Korea last time. We were trying to explore the area ( I believe we are in Korea on my dream), then while we are taking pictures of the scenery, suddenly it snowed. Since we don't have winter season here on our country, once again I was amazed by it and decided to take a video instead of picture only. I filmed the sky while the snow is falling. In my dream I was so ecstatic to witness the snowing part. My friend was like having this okay-do-enjoy-what-your-doing look. ^^ After a while, we went to a certain place where some girls are also like waiting for someone to come. My friend and I prepared our cameras and I even told her to capture the moment. Then, a black van came and we all started recording the moment. To my surprise 4 guys came out the van. Should I start naming them? ㅋㅋㅋ They are Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, and Kim Hyung Jun. ^^ I can only recall the clothes of Hyun Joong and Young Saeng. Hyun Joong was wearing a cap and I think that's brown jacket, while Young Saeng was wearing white and also wearing a cap. I could still remember Hyun Joong looked at my way and smiled and waved (like what he did during his arrival at Haneda Airport recently). I was wondering where Jung Min could be.  Hyun Joong talked first in Korean but the scene started to fade away and the scene went to a room where a guy was sleeping while having a book on his hand. (I guess he slept while reading that book). As the image gets closer to the guy who is sleeping, I recognized him immediately. It was Park Jung Min! He was still sleeping! In my mind I was telling myself, "Wasn't there any stylist to wake him up?!" I remember I was trying to kick the bed so at least he would notice it and woke him up. And then he opened his eyes, trying to think maybe... after a few seconds he opened his eyes widely as if he recalls something... that he should be somewhere together with the other 4 boys! So he got up as quickly as he can and ran outside. Strangely, the scene started to fade away once again and went to the location of the four boys. Kyu Jong just finished talking and they were about to leave. Most of the fans were sad and others are crying. I'm actually one of the fans who cried. After a few walks, Young Saeng was the one who was left. He removed his cap. His hair was like during his 'Music & Lyrics' guesting but make it a lot shorter. He was sad and about to cry. I was infront together with other fans. I reached out my hand to him and he reached out his hand to touch my hand. Then he walked away. Do you have any idea what scene I was in? Yes, I was at the send off for Young Saeng for his military service. The last part of my dream was me saying' I was able to held his hand before he enters the military.' Then I shook the hand of my friend so she can feel as if she held Young Saeng. Then I woke up. 

I don't know if I should be happy seeing all 5 boys in my dream, or should I be sad because of Young Saeng entering the military soon. Let's just wait and see what will happen then.


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