Wednesday, September 18, 2013

MYX Philippines Article: KIM HYUN JOONG Fans Unite For The New Album

I'm glad that before I get to work, I saw this article so I'm gonna post it really fast. ^^ Glad to be a part of this! ^6 Support for Kim Hyun Joong all the way!! Don't forget to vote for his 'Unbreakable' song on MYX by logging on to myxph.com and vote online using the format: Unbreakable - Kim Hyun Joong so that your vote will count! ^^ 김현중 화이팅!!


KIM HYUN JOONG Fans Unite For The New Album

Last weekend, fans of Kim Hyun Joong united at Astrovision Glorietta for a new album celebration. No matter what fans group each of them were from, as long as they shared the same love for the artist, they were welcomed with open arms.

It was a full blown event that had a program to get everyone involved and excited. Their beloved Kim Hyun Joong may have not been there but they definitely felt his presence just by being in the same room with their fellow fans.

There were dance numbers to his songs, games with Kim Hyun Joong merchandise prizes and even a raffle for everyone who bought a copy of the new album!

It was definitely a fans day to remember. No matter what age, young or old, no matter the gender, male or female, fans were able to see this as an opportunity to encourage each other to love Kim Hyun Joong even more. 

did you wish you attended the event? Check out the photos here if you like!

credits: http://myxph.com/features/6371/kim-hyun-joong-fans-unite-for-the-new-album/

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