Wednesday, September 11, 2013

[Fanpic] Kim Hyun Joong at Justin Davis Party Event 09.11.13

Earlier Hyun Joong attended the Justin Davis Party Event, and like as always, he look so handsome and dashing as ever. ^^ I bet, that customized-eyewear-thingy that Hyun Joong designed himself will be making lots of sale and expect that it's gonna be a pricy one. ^^ That's understandable though. To think you'll be wearing an eyewear that has a "Hyun Joong touch" on it, it'll be totally worth buying, right? Oh my money tree, bear more so I can purchase one. ㅋㅋㅋ 어떻게 하지 김현중씨? 돈 없어. T_T 아무튼 너 진짜 잘생겼다! ^^ 보고싶어 ~

*Update: Added some info during event. I am so envious with the MC!! Want to have that necklace given by Hyun Joong too!!

Justin Davis event. Cr DSCS-KHJ
Half an hour of interview with HJ was conducted before it ended. At the beginning photos were shown as well as the photoshoot. In the middle was a lucky draw with JD goods as prizes. Twice, the winners were male.. Finally, it was also the female MC's birthday, so HJ took off his own necklace and have it to her as a present.

credits: @Che_Gen + http://www.henecia-cis.com/news/kim_khjon_chzhun_posetil_meroprijatie_justin_davis_11_09_13/2013-09-11-2819 + @Raphael0606 + @soso_life_ + elley + @illublue + @KHJPERFECT

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