Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Article about Kim Hyung Jun joining in a new drama 'Love Through Song' as the Lead Actor

Just like the old saying goes, when one door closes, another one opens. ^^ As soon as his drama 'Gold,Appear!' ended, this news came spreading like wildfire earlier this morning. Another acting role for our Maknae, and not just a supporting one, but the lead role! So happy and proud of our Jjunie. He deserves to be recognized by other people. He's got talent not only in singing, but also in acting. He has improved so much. ^^ So excited to see what's gonna be the whole story. I bet it's gonna be a great one. Since his role is a musical actor, will we be seeing him singing in this drama just like 'Sunshine Girl'? And I also wonder, if he's into acting right now, does he have any plans in making another album again? Because I know he loves acting so much, but I also miss hearing the singing voice of our Maknae. ^^ Let's just wait and see. ^^ 축하해!! 김형준 화이팅!!


Kim HyungJun, KBS New Daily Drama 'Love Through Song' Lead Actor...Playing Opposite DaSom

Credits : jun@enews24.net + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com & sgnoonas.wordpress.com


Singer cum actor Kim HyungJun has been appointed as the lead actor for KBS1 new daily drama.

On the 25th, Kim HyungJun's agency SPLUS revealed that Kim HyungJun has been casted as the lead actor for KBS1 new daily drama 'Love Through Song'. 

Kim HyungJun recently acted in popular MBC weekend drama 'Gold!Appear' as a cute childish MongKyu which he has portrayed realistically. He has been confirmed for this daily drama right after the weekend drama, as the leading main actor, which confirms his status as an actor.

'Love Through Song' illustrates the appreciation of family in the current individualistic society and talks about 3 families reflecting on themselves on the pains they brought to others.

In the drama, Kim HyungJun acts as TaeKyung, a theatre representative cum musical actor who is a perfectionist at work but a gentle and caring guy outside of his work.

He will act alongside with DaSom, whose role is of an aspiring musical actress, gaining anticipations for their roles together. This drama will be aired in November after 'Sincerity Moves The Heaven'.

Meanwhile, besides the news of his casting in this new daily drama, the movie 'Actor is Actor' which he has made special appearance in, has been nominated in the Panorama category (Korean Movie) in Busan International Film Festival, thus Kim HyungJun will be attending his very first BIFF red carpet in early October as a movie actor.

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