Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Birthday Project for Heo Young Saeng's 28th Birthday!

I think someone from my readers left me a message before asking if there are any birthday projects for Young Sa eng. At that time there were no announcements yet. But this time, bestys have come up with a project and I bet others would like to participate. Especially now that he will soon be enlisting. Why not join this project so he will feel loved and gives him courage in the military?. Here are the details in English so that international fans can join. ^^ 허영생 생일축하해요!! ^^

 ** YS's 28th Happy Birthday♥ support now is on!! ** 

our shining prince’s birthday is coming soon!  So here in best friend is going to support for YS’s 28th birthday!
Only 2 months left, we’re going to collectall your love for him! If you are non membership, still has the right to join. Please join us^^

support content as below

1. For buying birthday gift, we need your donation !
YS’s 28th birthday donation is start!

♥ Deadline and account
donate period : 2013.09.03. ~ 10.05
donate account : kookmin 700102-01-116598 박은주
                        (Paypal) pej7017@nate.com
donate amount : free

♥ For your donation~ we’ll prepare some goods~
donate over 10,000won : poster & mini calendar
donate over 30,000won : poster & mini calendar & case set(20p~30p) (case set picture is since ss501 till now)
donate over 50,000won : poster & mini calendar & case set(20p~30p) & tumbler(can change photo 2p)

For your donation~ we’ll prepare some goods~
details will be announce later, also picture also will be upload later

♥ guide
after transfer , please write email to here (bestys1103@naver.com)

[제 목] 28th 생일을 함께해요!!! (모금)
1. account name :
2. amount :
3. receiver’s name :
4. telephone :
5. postal code :
6. address :
7. E-mail :

2. if you have letter or any gift that wants to give to YS, we will help you.
We’ll wrap your gift well and send it together to YS
the gift that you send to us, is going to upload on our fansite, if u don’t want to show to everybody, please tell us before.

♥ Everyone can join
♥ Period : Period 9.3~10.5(arrived)
♥ the way to join : please contact us(bestys1103@naver.com) & twitter(@bestys1103) and then we’ll tell you where to send your gift^^

[제 목] 28th 생일을 함께해요!!! (선물)
1. name :
2. telephone :

! letter please put into the envelope
! food is not available to give to YS~ unless it’s expiration is long

3. write a message to YS.
Please write the message for what you want to say to YS.
the thing you want to say to him~or the word you haven't had the chance to tell him~or even just say that I love u!! etc...(ur name or nickname both is ok) thers's no specific limit for the message's content, form~u can write as much as u want!
after we collect all the messages, we will make it with beautiful YS's picture and give it to him.
please join this event more and more^^ (please send us before 9.28)


4. Leave your love
we have a event going on now, called best happybean, please join us

♥ If you have Naver blog’s id, then you can join
♥ period : not until 11.3
♥ happybean add: http://fund.happybean.naver.com/1213485

※ no.1,2,3,4 all need your join and support, if you have any problem, please contact us(bestys1103@naver.com) & twitter(@bestys1103)

lifted from: http://bestys.ivyro.net/bbs/zboard.php?id=44

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