Sunday, September 8, 2013

Updates on Kim Hyun Joong's Fanmeeting in Busan for Lotte 09.08.13

These are just few updates from his fanmeet and I can't help but laugh at his answers especially about the bug. ^^ You really are that scared, huh? ㅋㅋㅋ And the fact that he can remember soju as the last good thing he had recently was really 4D. ^^ 알아!! 당신은 소주 너무 좋아합니다. ㅋㅋㅋ 김현중 완전 웃겨!!

photo credits:@kayo12_12

Busan FM. Credit DSCS-KHJ
Having drawn a question that asked him about his thoughts regarding his new hair -- he said "Kwiyomi" and pointed to the Lotte poster nearby, saying it was handsome, before taking down his cap with one hand and embarrassedly running his other through his hair, almost immediately replacing his cap...

Busan FM. Cr to 悠然KHJ and piro yunn.
When asked about the Yokohama fireworks concert, HJ said it would be about 15 mins... Regarding his return a year and 9 months later, because he had a long break, he was able to have new music and dance arrangements, and although he was only able to show us three of the songs, he will showcase the remaining 3 during the fireworks concert.

Busan FM. Cr 悠然KHJ and yunn
HJ was asked what he would do if an insect were to fly by during the fireworks concert.. He said: stop singing! .. And then would consider singing as though nothing had happened at the corner of the stage .... Hahaha

Busan FM. Cr 悠然KHJ and yunn
HJ was asked what he'd had to eat recently that was good. After thinking it over, he answered in a small voice, "soju"!

How about all that good food on BFF?!

credits: @illublue

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