Tuesday, September 10, 2013

[Fancam] Kim Hyun Joong dancing and wiggling toes 09.08.13

Sorry, I couldn't think of a better title. >.< I know most of you may have watched this already, still I'd like to share this here on my blog. Hyun Joong and his 4D acts of wiggling his toes inside the car despite the fans are in the area. That the Leader that we know, he never show pretentions and just being true to himself.Never cared about his image or what other people would think about him. ^^ I admire him for that. Oh, and I noticed he can text even when not looking.^^ 박수!! 잘한다 김현중!! ^^ Did you see it? Also, you changed your casing from white to black. (I'm seeing a lot of things when it comes to him ㅋㅋㅋ) Thanks to ollee at sidebar for the link. ^^ Enjoy watching! Glad this link started my day. ^^

credits: KingHyunjoong@yt

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