Sunday, September 15, 2013

Park Jung Min's Official Facebook Update about 1st Malaysia Showcase Cancellation 09.15.13

This was posted on Jung Min's Official Facebook Account. It's just sad to hear about the cancellation of the event. I know how it feels not being able to see someone that you're expecting to see. I mean, it's kinda depressing but like what I've always said, everything happens for a reason. I just hope Malaysian fans would still support Jung Min since it wasn't anybody's fault why it was canceled. I wonder how Jung Min feels now with this cancellation. I bet he's also sad and disappointed not being able to see his Malaysian fans. 괜찮아 박정민씨?

credits: ParkJungMinOfficial@fb


  1. First it's the S'pore one that got cancelled, now it's M'sia.... so sad...

    1. yup, it's sad to hear this kind of news :(

  2. it a sad news...epop malaysia already make a promotion about this...so pity for triple S malaysia..we love jung min..


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