Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kim Hyun Joong's Official Henecia Japan Goods: Uzoosin Figure Music Box

Not much of an update lately, eh? Yep, I guess our boys are now all taking their time off probably resting with no activities lined up. Well, that's okay for me, at least they get to relax and enjoy their days spending their private time. For the mean time, let me share to you this recent offer from Official Henecia Japan goods. A cute Uzoosin Figure Music Box. ^^ I know most of you would like to know how much it is. Since it's an official one and not to mention it is a Japanese goodies so expect that it's kinda pricey. Around Php 2,000. In US dollars it is $ 45. ^^ But it's cute, right? ^^

credits: http://blog.daum.net/elley0606/1306

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